3.88 25
Cherry Blend Nice cigar but when your other Black and Mild cigars sell for way less you loose your customer base especially when other dealers prices tend to drop when noticed. 3 5 1
Cherry Blend Nice cherry flavor. Mild tobacco flavor. Good draw and a pleasant aroma. Stayed together well and cool throughout. 4 5 1
Cherry Blend The cherry flavoring is over the top. Think cherry flavored cough drops. These are cheap and if you enjoy a rich artificial cherry flavor and a mild mellow smoke then these will be right up your alley. You can smell the smoke from these a mile away 4 5 1
Cherry Blend I liked the flavor of this cigar. It's a lot of cherry flavor so some may not like it. As far as the draw it's decent. 4 5 1
Cherry Blend Very cherry flavored. These were one of the first cigars I tried years back. The cherry flavor is thick and syrupy in my opinion and the tobacco flavor takes a back seat to the cherry. If you love cherry flavored things these are for you. 4 5 1
Cherry Blend Quick shipment fresh cigars great price. Hard to get fresh product in the desert. JR solved that problem for me. 5 5 1
Cherry Blend These remind me of my grandfather... And for that they're nostalgic for me. Are the good cigars... Not really but they're not bad for a trip down memory lane. 2 5 1
Cherry Blend A good short smoke machine made cigar. The quality is commensurate with the price. 3 5 1
Cherry Blend Not a bad taste as far as cigars go not a bad price if you live in the North extremely high price if you live in the south. Your prices went up 5.00 in 5 months is this cycle just a phase or is that the way you and your cigars roll??? 3 5 1
Cherry Blend Been smoking these for decades. Thanks JR 5 5 1
Cherry Blend Very good cherry flavor smoke smooth and mild. Hard to find where I live in Maryland. JR has the best price any where. 4 5 1
Cherry Blend These have tasted the same as ever. Some cherry and pipe tobacco flavor. Nothing wrong with them at all. 3 5 1
Cherry Blend My first cigar ever many years ago. Smooth. Nice flavor with a hint of cherry. Turned me on to the world of cigars. Worth a try 3 5 1
Cherry Blend Excellent tastes you would expect from Middleton Cherry. It gets hot and unsavory toward the end but a nice ten minute smoke. 3 5 1
Cherry Blend To be honest I really didn't care for the flavors of this cigar although the construction of this cigar is good the burn even 3 5 1
Cherry Blend My favorite the Smell the taste and the length are all great. Love this brand 5 5 1
Cherry Blend Been smoking these for decades, love J.R.'s fast shipping and veterans discount 5 5 1
Cherry Blend This stuff is good! 5 5 1
Cherry Blend Great product 5 5 1
Cherry Blend Like the flavor 5 5 1
Cherry Blend I enjoy the cherry flavor but resent the fact that they cost more than original Middleton Black & Mild. 4 5 1
Cherry Blend Love these and they are no longer available in stores. 5 5 1
Cherry Blend Great full bodied taste at a reasonable price. 5 5 1
Cherry Blend As someone said, "They're paper." But for tobacco addicts on a budget, they are fine. 4 5 1
Cherry Blend After reading a couple reviews, and not being able to purchase these anywhere else, I figured they would be pretty tasty & high quality... Boy I was WRONG. So Middleton's doesn't sweeten the tips anymore? That was a big role in my enjoyment with B&Ms..Wheres the cherry flavor people speak of? Tastes like metallic hay. Biggest waste of money ever. I just won't smoke Black & Milds anymore. They don't sweeten the tips & they're always stale tasting. Don't buy these. Even the package barely smells like anything. What a disappointment. You'd be better off buying some cheap white owls or swishers at the gas station. At least they have (SWEET FLAVOR). RIP B&M's 2023. 1 5 1

Black & Mild Cigars

Cherry Blend 5 × 30 MICB

With all of the aromatic old-fashioned appeal of a pipe filled with cherry-flavored tobacco without the cleaning, scraping, filling, and tamping, Middleton's Cherry Blend machine-made cigars offer all-around enjoyment to the fragrant-cigar fan or pipe enthusiast on the go. Sold in affordable boxes of 25, this smooth and creamy Cherry blend has no bite, allowing all day enjoyment for smokers on the go.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Pipe Tobacco

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