A Review of Those Tasty Little Black & Mild Cigars

September 18, 2015

John Middleton’s roots in tobacco lore date back to the founding of a small Philadelphia tobacco shop in 1856 that catered to the needs of local pipe and cigar smokers. Being a master blender, John created a top-quality mixture of pipe tobacco that is still going strong today.

The history of Black & Mild Cigars

In the 1960’s John Middleton’s now-legendary company realized that many smokers loved the taste and aroma of pipe tobacco, but didn’t want the hassle of actually smoking a pipe.

For some, the tamping, packing and fiddling with the bowl, just wasn’t worth the effort, so being a very inventive pipe tobacco company; they created Black and Mild Cigars.

The company’s new creation was a plastic-tipped cigar with a homogenized wrapper and binder, filled with aromatic Middleton’s pipe tobacco.

The idea really caught fire; in fact, Black & Mild is now one of the most popular machine-made cigars on the planet!

Today, operating out of two-tobacco production facilities in Limerick, Pennsylvania and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, not far from their original Philadelphia home, the company has added some interesting new blends to complement the original Black and Mild.

So, let’s have a look at this assortment of 5 x 30 plastic, and wood tipped goodies.

Black & Mild Flavors

Black & Mild Apple has all of the aromatic taste and appeal of a pipe without the extra hardware. Premium Burley and Black Cavendish are infused with the bittersweet essence of tangy green apple.

Not only does the room smell like a New England produce stand, the flavor lingers on the palate making for a most enjoyable, quick, 5 x 30 smoke. When accompanied with a glass of apple cider and an oatmeal cookie, you’ll be in “Little Stogy Heaven”!

For those with a sweet tooth, the Black & Mild Cream tipped cigars will soothe the craving without having to loosen a notch on your belt.

This 5 x 30 stick contains a lovely combination of premium light Cavendish, Kentucky Burley and gobs of warm sweet cream. This baby tastes as yummy as it smells, and those around you will have a sudden urge to visit a bakery.

Those less adventurous smokers looking for a just a hint of flavor will love the Black & Mild- Mild. To create this blend, the best golden Virginia and bright Cavendish are gently infused with soft vanilla.

When smoking a Mild with a nice cup of cocoa, all of your daily stress will melt away. If you add a marshmallow, you may slip into a coma.

Black & Mild Wood Tip

Breaking the mold, and changing the tip, Black & Mild Wood Tip is the only machine-made cigar in the lineup with a 29 ring. This little stick has also replaced the plastic mouthpiece with lumber.

Creamy smooth and very mild, the wood tip adds a tasty nutty component to this Burley, Cavendish, and Virginia blend. A Black& Mild Wood Tip with a nice cup of morning roast coffee is a great way to start your day.

Black & Mild Pipe Tobacco

Last, but not least is the blend that started it all, the original, and very popular Black & Mild Pipe-Tobacco . Fragrant and dark Black Cavendish, Kentucky Burley, and ripe Golden Virginia team up to create a taste as delicious as a chocolate chip cookie.

Not to mention that the aroma on this little flavor hound will have those around you drooling. If you don’t believe us, just read the front of its little brown box, where it says -Tastes Great! Smells Great!

There you have it, the whole Black & Mild story, and just like the Cheesesteak, these little cigars are the pride of Pennsylvania!





Black & Mild



Black & Mild



Black & Mild


Wood Tip

Black & Mild


Pipe Tobacco

Black & Mild



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