3.8076923076923075 26
Wine Great price great flavor great shipping and they are fresh. Will buy every time. 5 5 1
Wine Wasn't bad. Nice sweet smoke but a bit cardboardy. I was curious so i dumped the tobacco out and chewed it. I honestly enjoyed it more like that. 4 5 1
Wine The black and mild cigarillos wine is surprisingly wine flavored not my fav but I have enjoyed this before 3 5 1
Wine I use to get these if I wanted something different from the original. They have a bit of a dry (not harsh) fruit flavor. They are good and a nice change of pace. 3 5 1
Wine I enjoy the smooth flavor and the nice smell of this blend 5 5 1
Wine Some are too tight to get a good draw. Need to use a poker on those. 4 5 1
Wine I always smoked the wine from Middletons 5 5 1
Wine 7391...!!!??? 3 5 1
Wine My favorite Black and Mild. Tastes great burnt very well and evenly flavor consistent. Great little smoke 4 5 1
Wine I bought this weeks ago and I have not receives it yet and tracking is not available and no one answer me!!! 1 5 1
Wine I think the flavor of these closely resemble an original Black and Mild but it has elements of sourness to it. 3 5 1
Wine The wine flavor is a nice change of pace if you are used to smoking the regulars. These are smooth with a sweet bitter wine like flavor. 4 5 1
Wine Cheap cigar that lives up to its name. It is mild. Nothing fancy and nothing good. 3 5 1
Wine These black and mild blends are all consistent and burn perfect every time. The wine flavor is a sweeter smoke in my opinion. If you like the original then you will love these 4 5 1
Wine This cigar is a very sweet cigar with flavor of cherry and flavor a of grape. It burns fast and has a sugary taste. 1 5 1
Wine These wine smokes are good but I would not say great go out and buy these or at least that's my take on them but worth a try for the price they might be your go to 4 5 1
Wine A inexpensive short smoke with a sweet wine tip. Average quality at a low price. 4 5 1
Wine I buy these for my husband. I don’t smoke and I dislike the smell of cigarette smoke. But these have such a mild sweet smell that I love the aroma! And so does my husband!! 4 5 1
Wine Been ordering from you guys for a few years now that was a mistake made on your end where I was shipped $1,000 worth of product that was supposed to go to Florida but it was in my name and sent to me in Colorado I emailed you guys I sent a copy of the receipt and I called two different times no one seemed concerned enough to help me so I contacted the guy on the receipt through Facebook then my wife called spoke with somebody called Whitney and she sent us the label to send you guys back your thousand dollars worth of product but my concern is nobody was worried about it I was worried about it because it was sent to me in my name that's a big mistake and I'm glad that it came to me and we were honest enough to give it back to you guys but yeah there was no thank you no appreciation no nothing from nobody but someone named Whitney 2 5 1
Wine Awesome 5 5 1
Wine Some are too tight to get a good draw. Need to take some of the tobacco out just to smoke. Otherwise they are great, good flavor, and a great price. 5 5 1
Wine I love it 5 5 1
Wine Good for the price. 4 5 1
Wine Best Black & Mild cigars I have had in years! Every store I've purchased from locally have been ridiculously stale and disgusting 😖😖. I have even considered stopping until I found J.R. Cigars 😉👍🏾..! Best quality hands down. 5 5 1
Wine These are the most fresh Black & Mild cigars I've had in years. Head and shoulders above any local convenient store or tobacco shop I frequent. I think they can be a tad bit fresher but beggers can't be choosers. Keep the quality coming. 4 5 1

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