4.2 50
Pequenos This is a medium bodied cigar. Flavor notes: coffee caramel toffee cocoa. I was disappointed w/ this especially from Cohiba. The cigar itself tasted stale and started to unravel. Must had gotten a bad tin surprising since it is a Cohiba. 2 5 1
Pequenos Long ago man discovered Cigars and magic happened. Cohiba was actually what the natives called tobacco. And Tobacco was the device that they used to smoke the leaf. Fast forward many years and Cohiba the brand was created for Fidel Castro in cuba. Cuban this is not. This is the Dominican version of the cigars. Don't and I mean DON'T expect Cuban flavor from these and you won't be disappointed. 3 5 1
Pequenos An eye harsh acidic Steong cigar with no real flavor. Bad stick do t waste your money on this short filler 1 5 1
Pequenos Great short smoke I keep a tin for whine I want a good cigar but don't have the time. Good flavor medium body. 4 5 1
Pequenos Great little stick for walking my dog. Perfect burn time for our walls and pretty good flavor 5 5 1
Pequenos Little in size but full of big time flavor and for a price that will not break the bank. I like to give these cigars as gifts 5 5 1
Pequenos Great little guys. Just as good as their big brothers. Beautiful oily wrapper solid white ash. Phenomenal flavor. You cant go wrong. 5 5 1
Pequenos Cohiba Dominica peqeuno are little guys are great little cigars to smoke when you can smoke a full one 5 5 1
Pequenos Great cigars I love the flavor and its smooth I recommend this cigar I'm going to buy more 5 5 1
Pequenos These things are great for when you're looking for a quick smoke with a nice rich flavor and they're easy to take on the go. 4 5 1
Pequenos These big name penques rock with a manageable draw excellent flavor and convenient packaging and size what more could you ask for 4 5 1
Pequenos Dark oily rich Dominican flavor. Lots of full rich taste of earth and spice. Followed by dark coffee with hits of creamy dark chocolate. Small cigar with full satisfaction. 5 5 1
Pequenos Perfect size cigar. I start with the Cohiba Pequeno and end the evening with a couple of Maduros with my beer. 5 5 1
Pequenos These are great little cigars - big flavor in a small size. 4 5 1
Pequenos Love the flavor that these little cigars pack. The only issue is occasionally they are a tight draw due to being hand rolled 5 5 1
Pequenos Just smoked my first few of these. It was a nice cold night and I wanted a little cigar flavor before bed. Having smoked other tinned cigars I expected a 10-15 min smoke. These little suckers lasted about 30+ min. Draw was a little tight and they smoke a little hot but huge flavor consistency and a ton of smoke for such a little cigar. 4 5 1
Pequenos However the draw was off on the couple I smoked. It got really hot in the middle. The flavors where awesome as usual . 4 5 1
Pequenos I like this cohiba tin. These cigars are very flavorful. I always enjoy these when I'm out with friends 5 5 1
Pequenos These little guys rock! Deep rich flavor in a small package... tasty on the go! 5 5 1
Pequenos These are great during poker games quick and easy strong but mellow flavor! 5 5 1
Pequenos I generally don't love these small versions of cigars. This one is better than most. Consistency is the issue. It's tough making small vitolas. 3 5 1
Pequenos A short smoke for those times you are in a hurry and might have to put it down but still want to enjoy a cigar. 3 5 1
Pequenos The cohiba black pequinios are a great short smoke. They are medium bodied and perfect for when you don't have a lot of time. 5 5 1
Pequenos Very smooth and full of flavor cigar. They are a great small cigar with a lot of taste. Very good 4 5 1
Pequenos I have tried a lot of small cigars none come close to this one. Great when time is short. Will buy Again. I which I could afford the Cohiba blacks. 5 5 1
Pequenos These little buggers are a nice treat after a hard day when you only have about 1/2 hour to just chill great flavor from a small smoke 4 5 1
Pequenos Nice five pack. Rich flavors throughout. Starts well finishes better. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. 5 5 1
Pequenos Bought these on sale for a quality smaller cigar. Absolutely love the dark spicy flavor. Will be a while before I need to buy more but will order more as needed. Perfect good quality small cigar! 4 5 1
Pequenos Overall a good draw and amazing flavor. I can really taste the dark tones and straight out of the box this rocked. The flavor was strong but delicious 4 5 1
Pequenos Great cigar if you need a 45 min smoke. Good construction and packs a punch foe such a small cigar. 4 5 1
Pequenos Good enough to have around as a morning stick or something to hVe while witj some friends. Theyre just nice 4 5 1
Pequenos These are great the same quality as their larger counterpart but in a more convenient and time saving size. 4 5 1
Pequenos These r very good strong heavy hitters and great burn and awesome construction and i bpught more 5 5 1
Pequenos Smoked these exclusively while I was out on the dating circuit in Little Havana. The locals were not impressed by these sticks or me. 2 5 1
Pequenos Too expensive not worth the price of admission. There are far better cigars out there. Don't waste your Tim and definitely not your money. 1 5 1
Pequenos Very satisfying little cigar. Nice aroma and great flavor all the way through. Take smooth easy draws and savor the quality. Perfect in every respect. The nice tin is a bonus as far as I'm concerned. Patio time... here I come! 5 5 1
Pequenos Great anytime cigar. Love these little black beauties. 5 5 1
Pequenos I absolutely love these cigars! They're a perfect quick smoke for cold nights or coffee breaks. The flavor draw and construction are nothing short of exceptional... But then again I never met a Cohiba I didn't like. 4 5 1
Pequenos Great little 30 minute smoke. Flavor is the same throughout all tins. This is my 5th or 6th time ordering these...still the best. 5 5 1
Pequenos Smooth smoke with the correct size. Amount is good for me as I smoke one a day. 5 5 1
Pequenos I tried the Montecito Mini cigars and was very much let down... so skeptically I tried the cohib mini cigars and was greatly amazed by the taste, draw,and construction of that mini cigar. It's the perfect 20min 25min smoke with a great draw. Diffinitly 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 5 1
Pequenos These are the only Cohiba like to order because they’re small, Had an issue with them getting a little hard but besides that a pretty good smoke 4 5 1
Pequenos Overall this is a pretty good cigar for what you pay. There is some inconsistency with how tightly it is packed which can lead to different experiences. Dark, rich flavor. A favorite in our household. 5 5 1
Pequenos My break time fav. 5 5 1
Pequenos A good flavor and not too quick a small smoke. Recommend these 4 5 1
Pequenos So I wanted to love these little cigars, but almost every one of them has a very hard draw. I have tried several tins of the 30 I recieved and they have all been on the tight side. Very pleasant taste and aroma. Lots of coffee and much with some leather mixed in. A good smoke when you can get them to draw. 3 5 1
Pequenos A nice sized, quality cigar when you don't have the time to commit to a big boy. 4 5 1
Pequenos Boyfriend loves these cigars 5 5 1
Pequenos Good cigar 5 5 1
Pequenos Great cigar. 4 5 1

Cohiba Black

Pequenos 4.19 × 36 CDPE3

Small premium cigar lovers will get as much flavor as they can handle with these little maduro beauties, packaged in 5 tins of 6. Lush flavors of spice, dark roasted coffee, caramel, and cocoa are crammed into a nice looking tin ready to be smoked.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



5 Tins of 6 (30 total)

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