4.185185185185185 54
Gigante Dark and fantastic super complex flavor profiles lead into a really tasty smooth smoking experience! Price is high but worth every cent 5 5 1
Gigante Cohiba This Dominican Cohiba with the maduro wrapper is a really pleasant smoke. It’s a real pleasure to enjoy a good cigar that is made so flawlessly and most of them This Dominican Cohiba with the maduro wrapper is a really pleasant smoke. It’s a real pleasure to enjoy a good cigar that is made so flawlessly and most oem. 4 5 1
Gigante Constructed in a dark oily leaf with a consistent draw. Burns evenly. This smoke has a medium to full body more towards the full end of the spectrum. A must try for those enthusiast who hasn't. 5 5 1
Gigante You can never go wrong with any cohiba. These are some of the best smokes out there. While I'm partial to the red dot this one is a great 2nd 3 5 1
Gigante In my opinion this is a way over-priced cigar. Decent construction. Not a bad cigar but construction taste and overall quality is not where it needs to be for a pricy cigar like this. 3 5 1
Gigante Cohiba black gigante Is that cigar that will put all other smokes out if their misery. These things are special 4 5 1
Gigante Cohiba is a cigar that can't be beat. Doesn't matter which ones you get they are all pretry good. Try them out. 5 5 1
Gigante Now this is a cigar. Very good flavor with a great draw. This is a very good cigar and I highly recommend. 5 5 1
Gigante Cohiba Black I always enjoy this cigar! Very consistent nice smooth flavor. Good stoggie for the golf course. 4 5 1
Gigante Was not pleased with this at all very peppery could not taste anything else wrapper and binder was falling apart wouldn't stay lit 3 5 1
Gigante These are really great when you want a darker maduro cigar without the full strength of most maduro cigars 5 5 1
Gigante Yum yum this thing is like a chocolate bar and a cup of coffee. Fantastic burn and draw amazing 5 5 1
Gigante This is a pretty stout smoke. Definitely not a first timers smoke. Got some good notes coming out of this smoke. Coco espresso are the strongest to me. 5 5 1
Gigante A little strong but I like that cigar that has a good taste its good having one with a beer at my backyard with a fire 5 5 1
Gigante This is a stout stick. A bit of a system shock for someone like me who prefers a milder smoke 4 5 1
Gigante Strong and bold. It's a little rough around the edges in my opinion. I think the filler is what I don't like about it. try the one that is 54. 4 5 1
Gigante This big black cigar has tons of big flavor. It is best with a glass of Merlot after a nice juicy steak. 5 5 1
Gigante We all know how great the Cohiba line is. The black is not exception. This is a excellent full bodied smoke. 5 5 1
Gigante Top five of my favorite cigars. Strong and dark cocoa and leather flavors. Perfectly blended like they were making it for me 5 5 1
Gigante Just ok on this one. I know it has the Cohiba name but I didn't get as much flavor and not sure if it's worth the price point. 3 5 1
Gigante In my humble opinion. This cigar is not with the price. So don't waste your time and money for this one. There are far better cigars out there that are not so overrated. 1 5 1
Gigante Cohiba black gigante is an excellent cigat with deep dark sense smoke that's awesome to smoke 5 5 1
Gigante These are great cigars if you like maduros. A fuller flavor that burns great with a lot of character. 4 5 1
Gigante Didn’t smoke this one but the Robusto size is Great smoke. Nice and smooth. Not too strong. Great burn. Definitely one to keep on hand. 5 5 1
Gigante this cigar is bold. has a lot of powerful flavors that aren't for the faint of heart 4 5 1
Gigante This is not for a new smoker. This is a big full flavor smoke and is amazing. I have seen people get sick off them who don’t smoke normally 4 5 1
Gigante What a perfect stick for a rainy day in Florida! Surf banging the sand seagulls raising heck.... 4 5 1
Gigante This is my favorite NC Cohiba. It's a full bodied smokes with great flavor. You can't go wrong with these. 4 5 1
Gigante I knew the cohiba black was too dark for my taste. I prefer a more mild and mellow smoke. The construction was good at least 3 5 1
Gigante Its a typical dark cigar. However this one didnt wow me to say the msrp is justified. Its a smokeable maduro but if i had to restock i would look else where 4 5 1
Gigante If your gonna smoke a cohiba this should be the one. One full bodied than the red dots. Great construction . Perfect draw 5 5 1
Gigante Perfect cigar that a buddy brought back from Hawaii and smoked it over a few beers ! Love it and it was very smooth and relaxing stick 5 5 1
Gigante Wonderful smoke. Big ring with lots of flavor. Well made at least everyone I've smoked. Great draw. Deep rich smoke. Notes of coffee and spice. 5 5 1
Gigante This is how cigars were made to taste quality built perfect wrapping smooth earthtone characters pepper taste 👍outstanding 5 5 1
Gigante The Gigante... it gonna be euge.... rich and oily with a great burn! Get your little hands around some of these today! 5 5 1
Gigante Great taste but the draw was not that great. I was kind of disappointed as Cohibas have generally been great cigars. Again it's not a bad smoke just not what I expected. Not the usual Cohiba greatness. 4 5 1
Gigante All I can say is if you like a big smoke and big flavor this cigar will definitely be right up your alley. I would consider this a medium to full-bodied cigar strong enough to satisfy yet smooth enough to be very enjoyable. I have always been a fan of Cohiba Cubans and non Cubans. This is his cigar that will always have room in my humidor as a pleasant change from the Cubans that I genuinely like. I have tried many Brands but this one stands out as an outstanding cigar fabulous complexity great flavor profile the barn was almost razor-sharp on the cigar no touch-ups needed at all it's a nice earthy yet flavorful creamy all around fantastic and enjoyable cigar I can definitely see investing in more of them in the near future 3 5 1
Gigante Frankly this doesn't have much flavor. Considering the size you're getting 2 hours of boring cigar. 3 5 1
Gigante Some in the box don't draw great. When you get a smooth drawing cigar these are a real treat. Lots of coffee and chocolate flavors. Nice light sweetness from the maduro wrapper. The gage keeps this cigar smoking cool and enjoyable. 4 5 1
Gigante Not a huge Cohiba fan as they are overpriced and lack in what I look for in taste however this bringshould earth chocolate and a nice sweetness to the palate. 4 5 1
Gigante This is a full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: cocoa espresso almonds spice earthy notes. This is a well balanced cigar. Burns slowly and evenly. Paired excellent w/ dark roast Colombian coffee after steak dinner. I would enjoy more if it wasn't so pricey. 3 5 1
Gigante Not a huge fan of anything Red Dot. This one was just ok. At this price point you could do better. 3 5 1
Gigante How can a well made premier large gauge cigar be a disappointment? If it's an overrated overpriced Cohiba Couldn't complain because it was a gift 4 5 1
Gigante Not the best cigar but worth a try. By the middle the flavors were just plain tobacco although good 4 5 1
Gigante Perfect body for what I like yet it was just too big. As a freebie I couldn't pass it up. Great stick for lovers of the bigger gauge 5 5 1
Gigante Awesome cigar and aromas from this one like this one after work or with the friends 4 5 1
Gigante Really great cigar. I was surprised at the great flavor. I don't know why I have never had a bad Cohiba. 5 5 1
Gigante This has a very nice flavor and taste. Good draw along with good construction makes this cigar a must to smoke 5 5 1
Gigante Dark earth barnyard aroma pre light. Good draw fair construction ni major burn issues cocoa and spice throughout pepper on retrohale. 4 5 1
Gigante Really really glad to finally have a giant size stick with more flavor and complexity than the red dot with the same awesome quality 4 5 1
Gigante This stick has all the flavors and strength of a regular Cohiba Black but they are more diffuse due to the larger ring gauge. 3 5 1
Gigante Great cigars. Long lasting, nice draw and great flavour 4 5 1
Gigante Good smoke. And good with cognac. 5 5 1
Gigante What can I say. This is a good cigar to smoke. 5 5 1

Cohiba Black

Gigante 6 × 60 CDGI3

This intense beast of a cigar is loaded with flavors that include cocoa, espresso, almonds, and spice, with some earthy notes thrown in for added balance and complexity. With tobaccos aged for three full years and a sporting the legendary Cohiba marquee, packaged in a box of 20, this is one big-ringed beauty you absolutely must try.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


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