4.324324324324325 37
Blue Kuba Kuba One of my favorite acids. Sweet but not too much so. Construction burn and taste are top notch 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba The kuba maduro is a darker taste of the regular kuba kuba. Very distinctive aromatic flavor. Nice easy draw with good smoke output 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Unlit it smells like a head shop. The burning aroma is the same. The flavor is very floral and herbal 3 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba If you like infused try these. Perfect draw and construction as always tons of smoke. I don’t smoke many infused but if you enjoyed infused and something different try it. 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Love Acid but not other flavored cigars Acid is a great cigar that happens to be flavored (I am sorry infused) Drew Estates has gotten greedy Oh well 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Definetly a perfume cigar. Taste is tolerable if you like infused sticks. One of the better ones 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba The infamous kuba kuba is one ofmy all time favorite. It is very sweet but with premium tobacco and wonderful aroma 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Construction looked good but there were occasional soft spots. Flavor was wonderful but the draw was rather weak and tight for a cigar of this ring size. Cigar also failed to burn evenly possibly due to the previously mentioned soft spots. 3 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Love kuba kuba. Pleasant spices. Nice even burn. Only wish it would burn a little slower for longer enjoyment 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I am not a fan of infused cigars but I gave this one a fair shake as it was gifted to me. The Maduro wrapper adds additional sweetness with some spice along with the many different aromas already infused. The draw is perfect they care consistent and they have a lot of flavors. If you enjoy artificial tasting flavors this would be right up your alley. Ethernet sweetened cap is something I could do without as it tastes like sweet -n-Low. I recomend anybody who talks poorly about infused cigars to give this one a shot so they can mKe a decision for themselves. I found that I don't like infused cigars but that doesn't mean anything negative against the ACID line 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I've tried almost all the Acid line trying to give this great cigar maker another chance time after time and only found one I can smoke a whole one Route 10. All the others are nothing short smell like burning chemicals. They made great but that's it for me. 3 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Acid used to be my favorite cigar this in particular. I have moved away from infused but these are still a treat 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I would love to tell you how they were bit I never received delivery??? I’m hoping after two phone calls and promised both times Maybe someday I can come back. But not now. 1 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba This cigar is just fun it taste sweet but still a nice handrolled smoke got to be the most popular least here in wi 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I’m normally not a big infused cigar fan but when I do smoke one this it it. 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba The original blue acid in my eyes before they made ask the other sizes its s blue acid they ate good if your into the infused cigar thing 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I have had these several times and they never disappoint you. Just recently received a 5 pack of these for winning Beat the Dealer. 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba It blows my mind how these can be so consistent from sample to sample with all the infused flavors and not feel like it's wet when smoking. The Maduro wrapper gives this cigar a little extra flavor 3 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba This is my favorite cigar this is My to go to I have numbers of them in my humidor I have an aging box where I smoked one a month by the 12 one that I smoke it's two years old outstanding 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I never smoked an infused stick till this year an now I'm hooked thanks to this stick great smoke draw an flavor till the end thank you drew estates! 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Infused with exotic oils this is not your average cigar. Perfect draw slow even burn and solid grey ash. Flavor is medium body and the sweet gum wrapper helps bolster the smoothness of this cigar. Great for a treat but my budget won't let me smoke them that often since they are pricey. 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba This one is a joy to smoke! The Kuba Kuba flavor is like cheating while smoking a cigar. The flavor actually changes a bit as you smoke the cigar down to a nub. The Maduro wrapper is an excellent compliment taking a bit of the sweet punch out of the cigar. Delicious. One of my favorites of all time. Get one and I'll betcha you won't be able to put it down until it starts burning your lips! 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba These are the best . Great taste and flavor just to sit by the pool and smoke one of this is really relaxing. I recommend these to everyone. 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba This by far is one of my favorite sticks. I remember exactly when I had my first Kuba and it's what got me into smoking cigars. I always have a stock of these inc humidor and they are my first go to when I am looking to relax and enjoy some peace and quite. Great taste good smoke and always consistent 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba The best infused cigar out there in my opinion. Flavorful and smooth throughout the entire stick. Love Love it. 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba As expected. Nice flavors well constructed. My wife tolerates it when we're in the car together😎. Reasonably priced too. 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I really like this cigar when I am looking for an aromatic experience followed by a spice filled sweet tasting cigar the compliment of a Maduro wrapper only enhances the flavor. It is my go to cigar when I'm not reaching for a standard cigar experience and since this is the third box I have purchased the proof is in the action not just the words. 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba One of my favorites when it comes to an infused cigar! Love the flavor and the aroma is awesome! Purchased a box to share with friends and family for the summer. Definitely worth the small price when buying a box full. 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I absolutely cannot say enough about this is one great smoke 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Nice 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Great cigar 4 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Why don't you have the Maduro Kuba Kuba in five pack like the other Kuba. It woukd be nice if you did Jr Cigars 3 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba I usually smoke the Kuba grandes. But when I don’t have 1-1/2 hours+, I go for this. If you love sweet. This is it. 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Good flavor,well suited for a relaxing hour 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Great Cigar! The Kuba Kuba that come in the 5 pack zip tight bags r nice also. Dont need the humidor for those. Had some that lasted a year in those bags. Very nice smoke either way. Also has a great taste. 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba This is a good smoke. One of the few I can take all the way to the nub every time. No harshness at all. When friends or family want to try a cigar I give one of these to ease them in. Never disappointed. 5 5 1
Blue Kuba Kuba Best infused cigar on the market. Bought a box. Great taste and aroma. Really enjoy this cigar after having a meal when im craving something sweet. 5 5 1


Blue Kuba Kuba 5 × 54 ACKK3

The famous Kuba Kuba was one of the first cigars to start the ACID revolution. This hearty Robusto contains Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos that are covered in a handsome Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. The finished product is infused with herbs and oils for an astoundingly distinct flavor and sweet floral aroma.
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