4.0625 16
Krush Red This Cameroon wrapper gives off some nice tobacco and nutty flavors with the hints of infusion coming through on each puff 4 5 1
Krush Red Quick smoke with a ton of flavor. If you like the acid line by drew estate you need to try this kne. 4 5 1
Krush Red Krishna Red is just too small to be a real Acid cigar Minis almost never live up to the hype 4 5 1
Krush Red Another cigar with an overbearing flavor of botanicals. Not a lot of tobacco flavor. But had a good draw and stayed together. 3 5 1
Krush Red Bought a tin oh these from the local liquor store to be a good smoke good flavor state lit well all-around good cigar 3 5 1
Krush Red the acid krush red well another let down from de these things tasted like acid all right man junk 2 5 1
Krush Red very nice a quick quality smoke 4 5 1
Krush Red Red Acid is good morning to mid day stogie Good taste sweet I like them would recommend 4 5 1
Krush Red I was intrigued with Acid and Flavor infused Cigars. I went to a local lounge and the guy there was totally ignorant. He said they were just infused with Sugar Cane. So I went to a local smoke shop. I didn't want to invest $$$$ in buying a bunch of Cigars I might hate. The person at the Tobacco Shop recommended the Kuba Kuba. I saw these tins of the Krushed and was intrigued. So I bought a tin of the red and a kuba kuba. I thought I'd begin with the Krush and it was delicious. Great flavor. When finished I tried the Kuba Kuba and not so impressed. IMHO Acid is the opposite of regular Cigars. Normally the little ones are mediocre and the fat ones great. In this case the little krush is great and the regular one was meh. BTW the Red Cameroon tasted exactly like the Kuba Kuba. Just better 5 5 1
Krush Red When I don't have an hour to smoke a full cigar this what I turn to. It is very flavory. It is heavily flavored it you don't like flavored sweet cigar this is not for you. 4 5 1
Krush Red Drew estate is the only place to go for infused cigars. hey use good tobacco and infuse the cap for flavor. 5 5 1
Krush Red This is a crowd pleaser. Excellent smoke great tasting. Perfect size when you want a quick cigar. 5 5 1
Krush Red Real Nice!! 5 5 1
Krush Red Just an expensive Swisher Sweet. Good tobacco,but sprayed with sugar. 4 5 1
Krush Red ACID Krush red is a great little cigar to enjoy when you don't have the time to enjoy a larger cigar. All the taste of the larger cigar without having to make a commitment. 4 5 1
Krush Red It is good for short time and quick puff before go somewhere 5 5 1


Krush Red 4 × 32 ACKR

ACID Krush Red premium cigarillos have a secret blend of herbs and botanicals to create a unique cigar-smoking experience. These petite cigars have a Cameroon wrapper that adds a nutty, toasty component to its tasty herbal blend.
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