4.407407407407407 27
Full Flavor These are not bad cigars considering how cheap they are. I will buy these again in the future. 5 5 1
Full Flavor Cheyenne Cigars 5 5 1
Full Flavor Has a full bodied taste for a little cigar 4 5 1
Full Flavor I did not like these cigars at all. The filter has something that looks alot like cat litter in them. Terrible. 1 5 1
Full Flavor A little too strong 3 5 1
Full Flavor I'm very pleased with this brand and with JR. My orders are easy to make on line. 5 5 1
Full Flavor I love these little cigars. l wish you would not have to back order them. I'm very pleased with how easy it is to place an order. 5 5 1
Full Flavor I have noticed that not all products are not wrapped very well, leaks during draw. Area where the filter and wrap meet. 3 5 1
Full Flavor Cherokee mini filtered cigars: Good draw and pleasant flavor. One of the better, low priced minii cigars. The only problem seems to be with the connection where the filter ends and the tobacco begins-some have leaks here. 4 5 1
Full Flavor I have tried to help a friend sign up and place a order several times and there is always a problem. She is moving and will try again I hope it works when she calls you the 7th time 5 5 1
Full Flavor n/a 5 5 1
Full Flavor I like thgem 5 5 1
Full Flavor I love jr cigars, I'm so glad my friend told me about. The price is right. 5 5 1
Full Flavor I like the taste of the cigar. 5 5 1
Full Flavor They are everything I expected and a little bit more 5 5 1
Full Flavor Their great 5 5 1
Full Flavor Sometimes where the filter and the cigar are connected there’s a little gap which lets smoke out, I’ve gotten to where I lick them before lighting, problem solved. They’re perfect. I wouldn’t change cigars for anything. Thank you JR for always having my favorite brand and flavor in stock. 5 5 1
Full Flavor Lovely 3 5 1
Full Flavor Thank you for the fast delivery. Will order for now on. 5 5 1
Full Flavor Always fast and correct 5 5 1
Full Flavor They are ok we really like the Phillies cigars do you know when you will be bringing them back those are the best hopefully you'll bring them back real soon the flavor on the ones know don't really add up like the Phillies but they will do for now 3 5 1
Full Flavor I would prefere Phillies full flavor. It's to bad you don't carry them no more. 4 5 1
Full Flavor You can't beat the price great smoke 5 5 1
Full Flavor Once again great job on sending out my order so quicley it is most appreciated and like always great customer service that's what keeps us coming back 5 5 1
Full Flavor Great smoke. For the price you can't beat it. 5 5 1
Full Flavor Only thing I've smoked for years 5 5 1
Full Flavor The cheeroke cigars are good but we still like the Phillies I really wish you would bring them back . 4 5 1

Cherokee Filtered Cigars

Full Flavor 3.88 × 20 CHEFF

Cherokee Filtered Full Flavor Cigars are mellow smokes that can be enjoyed all day. These filtered cigars feature premium Virgina pipe tobacco that provides a delicious naturally sweet taste without any added artificial casings. They are sold here at JR Cigar in affordable cartons of 10 with 20 of these Full Flavor cigars in each pack.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf



United States



10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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