4.405405405405405 37
Menthol good price and flavor 5 5 1
Menthol Great taste great price 5 5 1
Menthol I decided to try this brand after the brand I've been smoking for years has had some issues. I'm pleased with these. If I had one complaint it would be that I wish they were just a bit stronger on the menthol flavor. 4 5 1
Menthol Great little cigars for a quick smoke break 4 5 1
Menthol Great little cigars for the menthol lovers great price and flavor well constructed would recommend these for a quick smoke break 5 5 1
Menthol I have been buying these for quite a while.they are a great alternative to large cigars.how can you beat a carton for under 10 bucks. 3 5 1
Menthol Great taste, great price and great customer service 5 5 1
Menthol Couldn't really taste them so I smoked more 2 5 1
Menthol Will order again. 5 5 1
Menthol Great for the money 5 5 1
Menthol This is an enjoyable smoke at a great price 4 5 1
Menthol Great they are exactly what I was lookin for good price and good taste I love them 5 5 1
Menthol Very good bold flavor. Nice draw and very satisfying. Recommend these for a full bodied menthol taste 5 5 1
Menthol Virgina heritage 5 5 1
Menthol Third style of this brand I have tried. Not quite as strong as the full flavors or the black cherry but not bad 4 5 1
Menthol Have tried others, Seneca, Cheyenne, etc., these are the best so far, bar none.!! Great draw, nice even packing, great flavor, and nice menthol amount, not to much or to little.!! Seneca brand was packed to tight bad draw kept going out, multiple lights just to get through a smoke.!! Cheyenne were ok, but just to much cost wise.!! Will continue to buy these as long as they stay consistent in all areas I have marked. Great price also.!! 5 5 1
Menthol The last purchase of about 10 cartons sucked. Multiple burns from ash falling off. Burns up lighters because required relighting 3-4 times for each and every one. Thumb sore from repeated use. Hell of a mess from ashes always falling off. They also had a "dull" flavor that I believe was due to the chemicals used to keep it from burning. Prior to my last purchase, I enjoyed them. Extremely disappointed in the changes. Shorter tabbaco, filers and tube leaked air on many and added chemicals. No cool 1 5 1
Menthol That smoke very well 4 5 1
Menthol Good tobaccos flavor, a nice blend of Menthol. I prefer the Wintergreen Menthol, but this is close. Nice easy draw 5 5 1
Menthol For the price, definitely the go to if you are looking for a good smoke without breaking the bank! 5 5 1
Menthol I am a natural girl that smoke cigars, premium, habanos, handmade and the JR ones. I tasted cheyenne, cherokee, deans and seneca but this ones are SOFT, SMOOTH AND NOT ROUGHT. the minus points here is 1- i dont know the manufacturer pertains 2- Menthol is almost inexistent. no Menthol at all :( 4 5 1
Menthol Flavor is good 5 5 1
Menthol Good flavor 4 5 1
Menthol Ok for a change but PREFER Vanilla 4 5 1
Menthol Thought these was light but wasn't it's full. Still not to bad. 3 5 1
Menthol I smoke because of life long addiction to nicotine, with a secondary semi-addiction to menthol. Brand name is of no importance, the amount of nicotine and menthol is all that matters.! Therefore, all can say in a review is this brand is, out of all the menthol brands the one that has the right balance of tobacco taste and menthol level I prefer,... But, when they are not available I will buy any other brand that is available, and is at the lowest price.!! I would think that a majority of smokers feel and do the same thing... just like an alcoholic would drink any alcohol regardless of brand name and level of alcohol content, when something he prefers is not available or to pricy.!!! I am for sure no connoisseur of tobacco types or blends, nor do I have any desire to be.! Not knocking it, just don't care.!! That's all... 4 5 1
Menthol Use to be a cool smoker, will not be going back. The price, the quality, and a great menthol favor. Be crazy to ever buy anything else. Thanks 5 5 1
Menthol good price 4 5 1
Menthol For the price, they can't be beat. They taste pretty much the same as any other Menthol flavored filtered cigar, so why pay more for the same smoke? The only complaint I have is occasionally the plastic cellophane wrapper is hard to remove from the top of a new pack because the strip you pull around the pack doesn't want to start out properly. Even less often, there may be one cigar that wasn't machined rolled properly so it couldn't be smoked. I'll deal with these minor flaws and spend the savings I get from buying these cigars on something else. 5 5 1
Menthol Outstanding in flavor and smoothness. 5 5 1
Menthol Great products at a great price, super fast delivery. 5 5 1
Menthol Good quality, fast shipping and great price. I am 73 and have smoked menthols for over 50 years. If the feds outlaw menthol not sure how my body will react. Maybe they should stop diet cola, beer, etc. I'm sure that won't fly. 5 5 1
Menthol First time smoking this brand. Smooth draw and well made. The brand changes every time I order, but keep this brand. It's a good one! 5 5 1
Menthol They are awesome. 5 5 1
Menthol Nice flavor, and pleasant to smoke. Good cigar !! 4 5 1
Menthol Just The Best 5 5 1

Virginia Heritage

Menthol 3.12 × 20 VHM

Enjoy hearty full flavored, premium tobacco flavor with an eye opening blast of menthol cigar. Discreet and easy to carry, these little filtered smokes come in handy when you need a quick cigar fix to keep your day rolling. This comes in a box of 200.
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