4.634146341463414 41
Smooth I use these while at work great for break time. They have a good taste and are easily finished in a short time. They are not a full size smoke better than nothing. As stated- great for break time. 4 5 1
Smooth Love this product more than any of the others. Smooth. **PLEASE TELL.ME.THESE ARE COMING BACK INTO STOCK** Had to order GOLD RUSH and I hate them.oney wasted. Do.you take returns??? 5 5 1
Smooth Good! My favorites so far Delivery is always fast make sure to watch for the deduction on your account once I received my shipment & it was not paid first. 4 5 1
Smooth Good for a quick smoke Tasty Delivery is always great 5 5 1
Smooth very smooth I enjoy them very much. 5 5 1
Smooth they are truly a nice smoke i would highly recommend these to anyone they have the flavor that any smoker would enjoy 5 5 1
Smooth A smooth, tasty and easy drawing little cigar at a terrific price. 5 5 1
Smooth Smooth as the name says. Good flavor but what impresses me most is that most other filtered cigars in this category have a statement on the side of each pack: Made with Predominately Tobacco. Not these. They appear to be 100% tobacco 5 5 1
Smooth Smooth outclass all cheap smokes Fast Delivery Be aware of times ordered also when deduction is taken. Once took 2 wks. for payment to deduct! Had shipment in 3 days!? 5 5 1
Smooth As good as Sante Fe milds or any other at near half the cost. Great little cigar to replaced cigs. Excellent price. Nice surprise. 4 5 1
Smooth Very good taste very good draw very good prices I would recommend these to anyone that wants a good quality value cigar 5 5 1
Smooth Decent & overall ok. 5 5 1
Smooth I am a disabled Veteran & these filtered cigars help relieve the stress of everyday life right now. Thank you JR for selling them so even on a tight budget I can afford them!! 5 5 1
Smooth Very pleasant taste. Easy draw and smooth. 5 5 1
Smooth I would like to see more deals 4 5 1
Smooth Good Value 5 5 1
Smooth Good flavor very smooth, smokes good. 5 5 1
Smooth Pleasant 4 5 1
Smooth This are just what the say smooth easy to smoke. And the best thing they go out when u forget them.they r easy 2 open . 5 5 1
Smooth These are nice for a quick smoke 4 5 1
Smooth I like them a lot best value. 5 5 1
Smooth Smooth and consistent quality. 5 5 1
Smooth It is very good. Best little cigar I've tasted. 5 5 1
Smooth great smoke. stays lit. excellent draw. Can't beat the price or service. 5 5 1
Smooth Great smoke, taste, and aroma. The price and quality are top notch. All together making superb smoking satisfaction !!!! 5 5 1
Smooth These are ok. Kind of taste like card board when you inhale. 4 5 1
Smooth Good cheap smoke 5 5 1
Smooth Love this brand....and the price is still right. 5 5 1
Smooth Quality 4 5 1
Smooth Smooth. A good cigarette smoke 5 5 1
Smooth Best smoke ever. 5 5 1
Smooth Nice smoke 4 5 1
Smooth Good flavor. Good price 4 5 1
Smooth My family member loves this brand and flavor cigar. 5 5 1
Smooth The brand I ordered is not the brand I usually purchase, but the brand I did order are o.k.. Doesn't hurt to try other brands to see what works best for each individual. 4 5 1
Smooth High quality and exceptional flavor. 5 5 1
Smooth These Virginia Heritage Smooth little cigars are mild but still flavorful. I have been smoking the vanilla flavor for years, but I'm glad I tried these. Now I have options when one is out of stock. 4 5 1
Smooth My everyday cigar. Great value and great quality. 5 5 1
Smooth Very smooth 4 5 1
Smooth once of my favs! 5 5 1
Smooth These have an odd flavor. They grab my throat when I inhale and make me cough. They are not for me. I hope my regular filtered cigars come back in stock. Everything is sold out. 3 5 1

Virginia Heritage

Smooth 3.12 × 20 VHS

With Virginia Heritage Smooth, you can enjoy mellow, premium tobacco flavor in a discreet and easy to carry pack. These little filtered smokes come in handy when you need a quick cigar break from your busy day. This comes in a box of 200.
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United States

United States

United States


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