4.409090909090909 22
Mellow Have found my favorite smoke,taste great have tried many others but this is the one!Awesome price also 5 5 1
Mellow Good Filtered Cigar ! 5 5 1
Mellow Draw is somewhat bad and the “packing” is sad 4 5 1
Mellow very good product 5 5 1
Mellow Bought a Carton worst I ever smoked Tried same carton multiple times with same results Migraine & Splitting headache to the point I couldn't even enjoy a Great Stoogie later on buzz kill! Gave it 5 star for consistency because it's very consistent in making you feel terrible, 2 star for flavor it's not great, 2 star for construction loose filters & short every pack, 4 star for draw wasn't a issue except for the filter issues! Love JRCigars but this flavor of Cherokee is bad or got a bad batch I'd only recommend these if you love Migraines and Headaches! 1 5 1
Mellow I LIKE IT ALOT 5 5 1
Mellow good 4 5 1
Mellow great even burn and taste with a great price. 5 5 1
Mellow Filter cigar smooth draw and light flavor 5 5 1
Mellow good 5 5 1
Mellow If the Menthol is a smooth smoke; I just know the Mellow will be an experience I will not soon forget! Can't wait to try the Mellow flavor being that I opened the Menthol first then will move to Mellow and lastly; I will try that all time favorite flavor of Vanilla!! Thanks, JR Cigars!! 5 5 1
Mellow Too harsh 1 5 1
Mellow I quit smoking 30 years ago and discovered cigars which I don’t Inhale. I enjoy the comfort holding the cigar but not doing damage to my lungs 5 5 1
Mellow Great smoke with easy smooth flavor. 5 5 1
Mellow Always reliable. Great company, price and product. User friendly ordering. Thanks! 5 5 1
Mellow ok 5 5 1
Mellow I really like these mellow little cigars. And I love that JR Cigars sent my order very quickly. You guys rock! 5 5 1
Mellow . 4 5 1
Mellow Order always arrives quickly.Cherokee Blue has a nice flavor. 5 5 1
Mellow Not always wrapped well, therefor, some fall apart part way through a s,one. Or the filter falls off. 4 5 1
Mellow Very smooth..Great if you enjoy the natural flavour of tobacco. 5 5 1
Mellow Recieved when they said. No problems. Cigars where well packed in box. Good flavor. Good price. 4 5 1

Cherokee Filtered Cigars

Mellow 3.88 × 20 CHEML

Made with the same tobacco that is used in choice premium pipe tobacco, the Cherokee Filtered Mellow Cigars provide a fragrant smoke that fully captures the mature, rich, and naturally sweet taste of aged Virginia tobacco. Packed in individual cartons of 10 with twenty cigars in each carton, you get 200 of these wildly popular filtered cigarillos on the JR Cigar website for a very affordable price.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf



United States



10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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