4.844444444444444 45
Menthol always a pleasure to smok, they have consistent flavor and well made 5 5 1
Menthol I can always depend on this company to come thru with a great produce! These Cigars are very enjoyable to smoke, especially for a chain smoker like me. 5 5 1
Menthol This is a great place for buying cigars they have many different brands to choose from and always fresh . They also deliver very fast to your location A+A+A+ 5 5 1
Menthol Love these. Mild with pleasant flavor 5 5 1
Menthol Good , Very good 4 5 1
Menthol I've been smoking Cheyenne menthol for a long time now I smoke them like a cigarette bcc of the taste the store I was buying them from stop selling them so glad I found JR cigar company the shipping a little steep 5 5 1
Menthol Was very happy I could purchase these since stores here where I live in Michigan don't carry them anymore. Fast checkout, fast shipping, easy to place the order. My better half enjoys the flavor. 5 5 1
Menthol Has a great solid menthol taste 5 5 1
Menthol I had been smoking 305 filtered cigars....UNTIL....they are suddenly out of stock at 3 places I used to shop at. I did a search and found JR's website and decided to take a chance on these filtered cigars. All I can say is I am so glad I took a chance and tell you if you are a former smoker of menthol cigarettes, these are your best choice for a replacement!!!AND....the folks at JR's....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Quick shipping and great service. I am a member of what I call "Club JR's!!!!" 5 5 1
Menthol Cheyennes are good value cigars but you need to find the right flavor. I only like a few flavors of them. Sweet mint is my favorite so far 4 5 1
Menthol I have tried most of the different filtered Menthols. I keep coming back to Cheyenne. I love the flavor that is more of a Wintergreen than peppermint or spearmint. I adore the Wintergreen bursts that I am rewarded with each draw. The Cheyenne is a pleasant-smelling, smooth-smoking cigar that stays lit but doesn't burn up when not smoking. I keep coming back to this because I so enjoy them. 5 5 1
Menthol not bad at all. Gives me something to do between cigars. 5 5 1
Menthol Good service 4 5 1
Menthol Not to overwhelming. Really good balance. Don’t pack these down! 4 5 1
Menthol I also really love the price and the speedy delivery.! 5 5 1
Menthol I'll take them over cigarettes any day. I love them. 5 5 1
Menthol Great little cigars and such great customer service 5 5 1
Menthol Very quick and reliable service. 5 5 1
Menthol Smoother than regular cigarettes. Shipping is speedy! And the price is right! So glad I found JR cigars and these little cigars. 5 5 1
Menthol I have been looking for a good menthol without breaking the bank and found it with these little cigars. They have a great taste. 5 5 1
Menthol These are my cigarettes and they are affordable and great quality 5 5 1
Menthol Came fast and neat 5 5 1
Menthol i like these . sometimes run into a few not wrapped right can not get air thru butt or leaks. but i still enjoy these cigars for a women 5 5 1
Menthol I placed an order for Cheyenne Menthol filter cigars and the flavor is Great! JRCigars website is user friendly with quality service. I recommend JRCigars to everyone. 5 5 1
Menthol I love menthol 5 5 1
Menthol Good quality cigar 5 5 1
Menthol its a decent smoke. 4 5 1
Menthol Love it as it actually has flavor compared to mere cigarettes which have to much crap in it. Cigar tobacco is the best if you wanna smoke. 5 5 1
Menthol Smooth 4 5 1
Menthol Great service and great taste 5 5 1
Menthol Menthol is 10000000000\10 and the flavor is a hit to the beat. This is 100000000\10 for the price all the day. 5 5 1
Menthol Great, arrived on time! 5 5 1
Menthol Excellent 5 5 1
Menthol Smooth cigar 5 5 1
Menthol This was ordered for a family member who used to smoke cigarettes but now won't smoke anything else, LOVES them 5 5 1
Menthol These are really nice, and smooth menthol flavor 5 5 1
Menthol J.R. has fast delevery 5 5 1
Menthol Used to smoke brand cigarettes for years until I found Cheyenne. I've tried a bunch of filtered cigars over the years and Cheyenne are the best value/enjoyment. 4 5 1
Menthol like taste 5 5 1
Menthol Wish there were coupons for frequent purchasers;nevertheless, I do love these cigars and wish they were readily available in my locality 5 5 1
Menthol Great flavor, always smooth. I'm truly satisfied with this product. 5 5 1
Menthol Always a great deal definitely worth it for people who like menthol 5 5 1
Menthol Great price no problems quick delivery good menthol flavor 5 5 1
Menthol Good quality, great price 5 5 1
Menthol Great smoke at an awesome price 5 5 1

Cheyenne Filtered Cigars

Menthol 3.87 × 20 CHM

These Menthol-flavored Cheyenne Filtered Cigars are small, flavorful, smooth, rich, and provide a pleasant cool minty taste. They are cheap as heck as far as the price goes, but not in quality, flavor, strength, or body. The smokes are available in handy packs of 20. Each carton contains 10 packs for a total of 200. Get yourself some to enjoy right here at JR Cigar.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

United States

United States

United States



10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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