3.761904761904762 21
Sweet If you like sweets these cigars are for you. Well made and consistent in their quality. 4 5 1
Sweet These cigars are consistent in their quality. I've only found a few cigars that are generally better but at a much higher price. There is only one thing that I don't like. They become out of stock very quickly. And to smoke these cigars as your main smoke can be sometimes tricky. So to solve that problem, you have to buy ahead to make sure you have enough of them while they are sold out. I like dealing with Jrcigars. They ship fast and their website is easy to use. 5 5 1
Sweet All arrived in good conditions. No worms like other deliveries from other companies. 5 5 1
Sweet Why no talons? 3 5 1
Sweet Talon Sweet 5 5 1
Sweet I would have given 5 stars but I'm disappointed in the fact, management cannot figure out they need to stock more of the TALON SWEET!!! Been a customer for years and this IS an ongoing issue/discussion I've had with JR cigars many times! PLEASE STOCK MORE TALON SWEET😤!!! Making your customers happy is very important....🧐Hmmmmm, who would've thunk huh?!?!? 3 5 1
Sweet I'm disappointed jrcigars does not react to the consumer needs by maintaining adequate merchandise in stock. When are you going to offer Talon Sweets. This is one site that I'm not going to waste my time on. 3 5 1
Sweet I have enjoyed these for quite awhile, but the “original” switched to a “new bolder flavor”. So disappointed. Taste is off, and they burned much faster. Why changing a good product. 1 5 1
Sweet I like the "New Bolder Taste." The cigar burns better and has an easier draw, not to mention the packaging is easier to open. The original doesn't stay lit and the packaging was way too tight making it difficult to remove the cellophane and foil. 5 5 1
Sweet I miss the old sweet Talons the new ones are too harsh and don’t have the sweet taste or smell. Disappointed. 1 5 1
Sweet very efficient shipping 5 5 1
Sweet These are my favorite! 5 5 1
Sweet Its a good cigar. I just don't like a sweet filter. 3 5 1
Sweet Good product. 5 5 1
Sweet Talon changed the cigars without telling your customers anything about it.The Talons(sweet originals) that i have always smoked were 2-3 times stronger than what was sent.The new cigar wrappers are lighter in color(my 1st clue that you changed my cigars),and the strength of my cigars---it's like trying to smoke a pencil.THEY ARE HORRIBLE. I am really sorry that I ordered 2 cartons before I found out. Those will be the last Talons that I ever order. 1 5 1
Sweet There was a change. The wrapping of the tobacco. It is a lighter color. I like that. But for some reason they won't stay lit like the ones before the change. 4 5 1
Sweet A 5 5 1
Sweet JR Cigars is a great business to order your favorite cigars from! They shipped my order extremely fast. Highly recommend! Talon original sweet cigars are a very good smoke at a really affordable price 5 5 1
Sweet Not the greatest, but pretty good for the price 5 5 1
Sweet Tasty 5 5 1
Sweet I have bouht Talon before. Great price and great flavor. The carton I have now each one needs to be relit about 6 times. They go out when i am actively sucking. What the heck! 5 packs in and I have had one cigar burn normally. Also there are a few in most cartons that are ripped and hard to burn 1 5 1

Talon Filtered Cigars

Sweet 3.87 × 20 TALSW

These cigarette-sized filtered cigars are perfect for a quick smoke break when you don’t have the time or place to enjoy a full-sized cigar. You’ll get classic rich and smooth tobaccos tastes that are filled with the most delightful sweet flavors. The Talon Sweet cigars are available on the JR website in carton of 10 packs of 20 for a grand total of 200 smokes.
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