4.625 32
Regular The Swisher Sweets Little Cigars I've been getting don't stay lit. Very hard to smoke all the way until finished. 3 5 1
Regular very good price and fast shipping 5 5 1
Regular good 5 5 1
Regular Good smoke for a good price. Fast shipping and great customer service!!! 5 5 1
Regular Received in a timely fashion. They were fresh and had a quality taste. 5 5 1
Regular Your company should us other carriers other than USPS for delivery. My last order took 3 weeks from ship date to delivery! I would pay the higher cost for improved delivery. 2 5 1
Regular Great product and great service 5 5 1
Regular It took almost 3 weeks to receive, and with only one shipping option, order early if you don't want to run out. The product is fine, just the shipping options are terrible. 2 5 1
Regular Great replacement for cigarettes.... 5 5 1
Regular Always on time, exactly what I ordered, excellent service 5 5 1
Regular Swisher Sweets little Cigars 5 5 1
Regular Flavor is great and draw it is accessible. Thank you 5 5 1
Regular I have a monthly shipment and it always comes in time. Any questions I have are responded to timely and courtesy 5 5 1
Regular Everything was excellent 5 5 1
Regular Very good little cigar 5 5 1
Regular Has a great taste with a premium feel 5 5 1
Regular Good smoke for a good price 5 5 1
Regular These cigars were great 5 5 1
Regular This is a great go to everyday smoke 5 5 1
Regular Everything was excellent 5 5 1
Regular Nice flavored smooth smoking little cigar. Service fast and efficient. 5 5 1
Regular these cigars are the perfect everyday smoke 5 5 1
Regular Shipping is great, timely, on time. 5 5 1
Regular I enjoy a smoke first thing in the morning, the flavor is great, These little cigars are hard to find in stores so I order them online. These are the only selection I will smoke, Swisher Sweets are great and JR cigars are great on getting my order on time. 5 5 1
Regular Always great service. Thanks! 5 5 1
Regular Always enjoyable. I’ll buy them again. 5 5 1
Regular I have smoked Phillies Sweet small cigars for years. The Swisher Sweet cigars were sent as a replacement and at a higher price. The Swisher Sweet cigars are extremely harsh and very unpleasant. They are SO harsh that I can’t even smoke them. It’s too bad that you have discontinued the Phillies. I will not purchase the Swisher Sweets. 1 5 1
Regular I love these... I can't find them in my little town ... Thank you JRCigars!!! 5 5 1
Regular really handy for a quick smoke and satisfies my sweet tooth! 5 5 1
Regular Extremely mild, pleasant sweetness, easy to draw. Love the filters. 5 5 1
Regular Purchased many many times! Best deals through this site by far! 5 5 1

Swisher Sweets Filtered Cigars

Regular 3.75 × 24 SLC2

Double your smoking pleasure with the affordable Swisher Sweets Little Cigars Regular Twin Pack, sold in 5 packs 40 (200 total).  These filter tipped stogies are the perfect smoke for those who enjoy natural tobacco flavor with just a hint of sweetness on the tongue.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States



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