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For well over 55 years, Macanudo Cigars have been the preferred choice of cigar enthusiasts just getting into the hobby as well as experienced aficionados. Mainly known for the creamy, smooth taste of the original Macanudo Café, Macanudo has grown its portfolio with a series of top-quality blends to appeal to any connoisseur’s craving. Macanudo Cigars were first made in small quantities in Jamaica during World War II, mainly for the U.K. market, until Edgar Cullman and General Cigar Co. purchased the Temple Hall factory and the rights to Macanudo in 1969. At the time, General Cigar was mostly involved with machine-made cigars, but Macanudo would prove to be the vehicle for General to become a massive name in handmade premium cigars. By the time the 1990s cigar boom rolled around, Macanudo was already the United States’ most popular cigar brand. Macanudo Cigars was churning out well over 10 million cigars a year during the cigar boom, and there were no signs of slowing down. Today, there are millions of Macanudo Cigars made each year, mainly out of General Cigar Dominicana, but also from STG Esteli in Nicaragua and STG Danli in Honduras, At the turn of the millennium, the craze of the 1990s cigar boom had died down and aficionados were clamoring for bolder, richer blends. Macanudo responded with the introduction of Macanudo Maduro, a cigar that combined the richness that people craved with Macanudo’s penchant for smooth, approachable blends. Another favorite among connoisseurs is the Macanudo Gold Label, a yearly, limited release that highlights the very best that Macanudo has to offer. By only using the most gorgeous and top-quality tobaccos from its Connecticut Shade crops, the Gold Label provides an even smoother, sweeter experience than the Macanudo Café. In the last decade, Macanudo Cigars has continued to court the seasoned aficionado with its groundbreaking Inspirado Series. Consisting of several top-rated lines like the Inspirado Red, Inspirado Green, and Inspirado Black, each with its own rich blend of tobaccos, there is an Inspirado blend for any aficionado to sink their teeth into. Infused cigars have also become exceptionally popular in the modern cigar world, and Macanudo has taken notice with the M by Macanudo Coffee. Coffee and cigars pair together like peanut butter and jelly, and these delectable treats combine them both into an exceptionally good smoking experience. You can also enjoy the M by Macanudo Bourbon and Espresso for a richer experience. As Macanudo Cigars continues to develop and grow, now hosting a sizeable portfolio of over a dozen brands, it has not lost sight of its roots. Each and every cigar bearing the name Macanudo is certain to provide you with a wonderful smoking experience, and nearly 60 years of history and several awards prove that to be the case. A national favorite that has a knack for quality construction and mouthwatering flavors, Macanudo Cigars are sure to quickly become the next favorite in your rotation. To fill your humidor with your favorite size and blend from Macanudo Cigars, place your online order with JR today to get them delivered right to your door!
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