4.125 8
Duke of Windsor The Macanudo Duke of Windsor will make any cigar lover Happy. Mellow but flavorful notes of leather Cedar and berries 4 5 1
Duke of Windsor I am not a macanudo fan but there are a few exceptions and this is one of them. Creamy and spicy is just what I like 4 5 1
Duke of Windsor This one was also a good cigar no complaints and the construction is really good 4 5 1
Duke of Windsor Great stick. Excellently constructed a very mild and soothing smoke. Definitely will be buying this again 5 5 1
Duke of Windsor A great smoke with an even burn throughout. Very mild. Nice cigar on the golf course and perfect with a martini. Well worth the price. A classic smoke. Highly recommended. 5 5 1
Duke of Windsor Nice easy smoke, great tobacco flavor and well made. 5 5 1
Duke of Windsor While a great cigar my preference is with the Prince Phillip and the duke of wales. These are mild cigars that are my morning choice. Easy smoking cigar. 3 5 1
Duke of Windsor Wins or was OK but won't ever pay what I paid for the last one if its free I'll take but if not noway 3 5 1


Duke of Windsor 6 × 50 MADW

Duke of Windsor was a title in bestowed upon Prince Edward of England in 1937. Many years later Macanudo honored his name in the form of a famous Toro sized cigar. Today, the unsurpassed quality and flavor of the Macanudo Duke of Windsor would make the good Prince proud. It is available in boxes of 25.
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