4.391304347826087 46
Duke of York The duke of York I would say it’s an all right cigar. I say that because there were several issues with construction and the flavor which is next to nothing. 3 5 1
Duke of York I was somewhat disappointed with these. I have smoke these in the past and they were smooth mellow and yet diverse in flavor. Recently this line has been somewhat harsh and very bland in flavor. The burn was a little off as well. I will try aging these for a few months and hopefully this will help. 2 5 1
Duke of York Questions about the people are huh enough for them and that will plunged in an 999 5 5 1
Duke of York This is an outstanding cigar. Smooth mellow burns perfectly and has a great after taste. I love trying a lot of different cigars and this one will always be in the mix! 5 5 1
Duke of York What is there to say - perfect smokes... If you can afford these as an everyday smoke - I'm envious... 5 5 1
Duke of York This is my favorite mild cigar. Unfortunately all 5 cracked up and down the wrapper in this pack. First time I have had this problem. Stored under the same conditions in the same humidor 4 5 1
Duke of York The duke was very good when it comes to flavors and the time that I was able to get from this cigar was awesome 4 5 1
Duke of York Sure I smoke others but there's always something special about a Mac. Great size and perfect smoke for any occasion. 5 5 1
Duke of York Well constructed. It'll it well and burned beautifully with a nice tight ash. Aroma heavenly. Medium to strong profile. I am a fan!!! Fit for a king (or Duke) 5 5 1
Duke of York Not a fan of Dominican but this is excellent! Got this in a sampler not expecting much for being Dominican. Let me say WOW! Light flavor with a great finish hits all the areas of your tongue evenly. Knocked my number two cigar to number three! Goes to show don't judge a cigar by its origin. 4 5 1
Duke of York A very nice burning cigar. Flavor is great and it burns great as well. Would definitely recommend to others. 5 5 1
Duke of York Nice cigar. Not quite as smooth as the gold label but still a good choice for a mellow anytime smoke or with a cup of coffee. Great for a beginner and celebration cigar. 4 5 1
Duke of York Good cigar used for a golf outing 5 5 1
Duke of York This is got to be the most creamy smooth and best tasting cigar that I have ever tried for Macanudo and I have tried almost every single one. The cigar lights very well burn smooth and even has a creamy Rich smooth flavor all the way from the first light to the last straw there is no pepper in this no sharp pungent odors just perfectly creamy smooth and I highly recommend it this is now my number one choice for mild to medium cigars 5 5 1
Duke of York I have tried almost all of the Macanudo Cafe brands and of all of them the Duke of New York is one of the creamiest and smooth cigars of any. If you're looking for something that's mellow to mild that has a creamy smooth flavor from beginning to end no pepper and burns very well this is the cigar for you get a five pack and try a couple and you will agree 5 5 1
Duke of York These are excellent lighter bodied cigars. While they are a bit pricey if you catch them on sale they're worth it! I wouldn't smoke them right away once you get them in the mail. These sticks need time to age maybe 6-8 weeks or they'll taste unfinished. 4 5 1
Duke of York The Duke of York follows the tradition of the Macanudo Cafe line. Consistently a great smoke. A little beefier than the Hyde Park. 5 5 1
Duke of York Great price on a very good mild cigar. I’ve gotten so turned off with full bodied cigars! I’m enjoying cigars more now! 5 5 1
Duke of York Mhm this is one of those cigars man that you gotta try. Even if you're a Maduro fan this macanudo packs a lot of smooth and creamy flavors. 4 5 1
Duke of York the construction was good. the draw was very smokey for my preference. for being a mellow cigar i found that the smoke was very harsh all the way through and the flavor was lacking. i was anticipating something smooth and mellow but the smoke was too harsh. i've had medium-full cigars that were smoother. 3 5 1
Duke of York Not much in the flavor department other than standard honey. White oak. And Hay flavors. This cigar is however well constructed and has an excellent draw and burn line. These are great for letting your friends try out when they come by and want to smoke a cigar with you 3 5 1
Duke of York A smooth flavorful cigar to enjoy with friends over a good scotch. Even burn to the last puff. 5 5 1
Duke of York I've been a Mac fan for years and this is the first time I've been disappointed. I've smoked two out of this pack and BOTH had significant wrapper problems. The first smoke was after 2 days in the humidor. I thought perhaps they were a bit dry coming from JR so I left them in there for several more weeks (they did ship in shrink wrap with a sheet of cedar). I just pulled the cellophane off my second and immediate the wrapper at the foot started to come apart. Taste and draw were good but not as good as a Mac should be. The construction was just absolutely not acceptable for me. This is the construction I expect from the sub-dollar sticks in unlabeled bundles and such. I'm not turning my back on Macs but my next order will likely come from a different source as I believe the problem was with the way they were handled and stored after production. 3 5 1
Duke of York A perfect cigars. Always a smooth smoke and never a disappointment. My go to Cigar for any occasion. 5 5 1
Duke of York This is a mild easy cool cigar that is an absolute pleasure to enjoy. 4 5 1
Duke of York The construction of these macanudo 's are really pace setting I have yet to receive a poorly constructed smoke the flavor suggests a morning cigar to me 4 5 1
Duke of York Well rounded stick! Most people know the Macanudo name and for good reason. Nicely balanced and smooth smoke! 4 5 1
Duke of York great smoke 5 5 1
Duke of York Decent smoke. consistent to the end. 5 5 1
Duke of York I am a fan of The Duke of York. Always in my humidor. A good go to cigar! 5 5 1
Duke of York Good cigar for the most part. Of the six I’ve smoked all were good flavor. 1 had a very bad burn from the start. Had to touch up the whole way down. 4 5 1
Duke of York Good draw,flavor and burn 5 5 1
Duke of York A true pleasure! Nice draw and consistent burn. The cold taste is disappointing. But overall, an exceptional smoth and very, very mellow smoke! Hardly any nicotine! 4 5 1
Duke of York Enjoyed the smoke while it lasted which was about 30 minutes 3 5 1
Duke of York great cigar 5 5 1
Duke of York Great draw. Smooth and very mild. 5 5 1
Duke of York Mellow. Great consitant burn and fantastic draw. 5 5 1
Duke of York Great 1 hour smoke. Mild with a good consistant burn & draw. 5 5 1
Duke of York construction good flavor little harsh 3 5 1
Duke of York Very consistent...great flavor. 5 5 1
Duke of York The smoke is a good mild flavor, burns well and stays consistent throughout the burn. 5 5 1
Duke of York Good cigar, great price 4 5 1
Duke of York Very good cigar 5 5 1
Duke of York Very good well-made flavor of all cigars 5 5 1
Duke of York What a top notch smoke - creamy taste with a sharp burn - can’t go wrong with these 4 5 1
Duke of York Perfect smoke all around - Macanudo never disappoints 5 5 1


Duke of York 5.25 × 54 MAY

The Duke of York is a title of nobility in the United Kingdom. It is also the name of a popular Robusto size made by Macanudo, the number one selling premium cigar brand in the United States. Light up a Duke of York today and experience the luxurious silky smooth flavors that are fit for a King. It is available in boxes of 25 and 5-packs.
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