4.297297297297297 37
Prince of Wales I bought the prince of whales stick while on a bachelor party in Vegas just because it was the longest 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Long well made smoke. Full of flavor. Get some. Only from Jr though. Thanks for the great quality. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Not a super big fan of these but for the price you can't go wrong. 4 5 1
Prince of Wales The macanudo cigar in Prince of whales..the vitola is what I prefer but just not in this particular smoke. Not a fan of this mild cigar 3 5 1
Prince of Wales A five star rating is doing this cigar a terrible disservice. It is a perfect 10. Highly recommended. Keep the quality coming! 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Perfect draw and construction with find of cream. Not the most complex smoke but definitely enjoyable in the morning 5 5 1
Prince of Wales My all time favorite. Nice long lasting smoke. Smooth mellow always a treat. Creamy silky and feels as good in your mouth and hand as good as it tastes! Been smoking cigars for 60 years. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales The Macanudo Prince of Wales is a nice mild smoke. These go great on a nice summer morning. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Good for a mellow smoke. Draw was nice and clean. Not my favorite stick but I would smoke it of some one offered it to me. 4 5 1
Prince of Wales this is not a bad stick i would say 8 out of 10 but say it really starts getting nice about mid stick 4 5 1
Prince of Wales Mild to medium bodied. Not a whole lot of flavor but nice thick creamy smoke. Good early morning cigar. 3 5 1
Prince of Wales I went through a lot of these guys in the past. I really enjoy any Macanudo. Always a great experience. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales A good easy draw and smooth . I smoke one every time I play golf and other times when I can relax for at least 30 minutes. It's my favorite cigar. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Don’t like real strong cigars so this is good for me this is. Big cigar so it’s a hour for me... Time well spent 5 5 1
Prince of Wales I normaly smoke Prince Phillip but wanted to try these. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Smokes nice. Even burn, Easy smooth flavors. Not too bitter. So far I have not had a bad smoking Prince of Wales. Silky smooth wrapper. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales best of mac line 5 5 1
Prince of Wales This is an excellent cigar that I have smoked for a the last few years. It has an easy draw, is not harsh and has flavor. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Best with Morning Coffee!!!!)))))) 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Macanudo comes thru with this tasty mild smoke tastes great with coffee. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales A very mild cigar. Well made with a good draw and even burn. Dry and papery in taste. 3 5 1
Prince of Wales Like all macanudos there are no surprises here. Excellent quality and construction. Never had a bad one. 4 5 1
Prince of Wales The Macanudo prolince of wales makes for a really good breakfast cigar. One of these after a good continental breakfast makes the flavor just jump out at you and it's amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Construction draw and consistency are all very good but the taste and aroma are only ok. 4 5 1
Prince of Wales Awesomeness is one way to describe this amazing classic. A must try for all cigar smokers indeed. 3 5 1
Prince of Wales Excellent cigar very smooth. Great draw very rich taste. This cigar is remarkably consistent I have never had one that had binder issues or burned uneven. Best value for the money. 4 5 1
Prince of Wales Bidding system did not process completely. Had to call in to complete purchase. Second time this had happened. 4 5 1
Prince of Wales both of them are my favorite cigars 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Excellent 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Excellent! 5 5 1
Prince of Wales I have these before, but this box isn't worth the price. The cigars are loosely rolled as they start coming apart as they are smoked down. They are also extremely hard to stay lite, consistently relegating them. Won't buy them again. Could just be a bad box!!! 2 5 1
Prince of Wales Used to be one of my favorite cigars. Now, they’re so tightly wrapped, it’s tough to draw. 1 5 1
Prince of Wales I've seen other negative reviews. I'm not experiencing the things they are. I find the draw good and the construction excellent and the burn even and smooth. And it tastes good. I highly recommend these. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales This is one huge cigar. You can get a lot of mileage out of this big 8 inch smoke. I love my Macanudos, and this one doesn't disappoint. This the first one I smoked out of my bunch and it had a decent burn but somewhat of a hard draw. Of course it had the classic mellow taste that Macanudo is known for. E pluribus unum, of many, this is one. I will gauge the rest over the course of time, but I've always gotten good quality cigars from Macanudo. I appreciate consistency. 4 5 1
Prince of Wales Nice mellow smoke. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales You can never be disappointed in any Macanudo selection. 5 5 1
Prince of Wales Not really happy with the construction of this box of cigars. Several cigars were very tight with very hard areas. Tough to get a proper draw. Had to ream out end of cigars to get a draw. Also, the wrappers were starting to unravel. You need to do better. We are paying good money for these smokes and deserve a better stick. 2 5 1


Prince of Wales 8 × 52 MAPW

A creamy smooth flavor, excellent construction, and unwavering consistency have made the Macanudo Prince of Wales one of the most famous Dominican cigars. This huge smoke will offer you ample time to enjoy this brands outstanding quality. Grab a box of 25 today and smoke a legend.
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