3.6470588235294117 17
Petit Corona Aroma and flavor was amazing. I enjoyed this cigar very much. I suggest a try to anyone. Consistencydraw and construction were good as well. 5 5 1
Petit Corona These to me are the worst they burn so hot and taste so bad I'd rather buy a 4 dollar plastic pouch 2 5 1
Petit Corona The construction was pretty good it needed a touch op here and here but still good experience 4 5 1
Petit Corona Great cigar for the price Draws very smoothly and is consistent I usually prefer larger ring cigar but this was a good short smoke 4 5 1
Petit Corona The petit Corona is a nice little cigar when you don't have time. 5 5 1
Petit Corona A friend who does not cigar herself bought one of these for me as a gift so scepticism was certainly in play... but disaapointment did not become of it! A full box of 25 DID however become of it! 4 5 1
Petit Corona A very mild stick I would recommend this to someone who's just getting into the lifestyle not a complex cigar but a good cigar 3 5 1
Petit Corona There is nothing wrong with construction in fact it had a decent draw on it and burns okay. The flavor on the other hand is not something I look forward to in a cigar. 2 5 1
Petit Corona Nice short smoking cigar. Tends to have a bite at the start and mellowed. 5 5 1
Petit Corona Petit corona is a good size for a quick smoke. This little guy isn't too bad. Little bits of flavor make it enjoyable 3 5 1
Petit Corona A good gold course stick. Holds up well to being thrown on the ground. Not something I would prefer to sit down with though 4 5 1
Petit Corona This is a decent cigar with full flavor and nice draw. Decent construction and pretty good finish. 4 5 1
Petit Corona The petit Corona was. A nice size stick for when time is not as long as you would like but still want to enjoy a quality mild smoke 4 5 1
Petit Corona A great mild cigar in a smaller package. A beautiful Connecticut wrapper on a well constructed cigar. 4 5 1
Petit Corona Draw is a bit loose. this is a little milder cigar with good tobacco flavor and pleasant aroma. good when you want a half hour cigar. 3 5 1
Petit Corona Basically a nice quick smoke that doesn't astonish your senses but doesn't disappoint either . 3 5 1
Petit Corona Sucks 3 5 1


Petit Corona 5 × 38 MAPC

Preferred by women smokers, and lovers of slim cigars, the Macanudo Petit Corona is both popular and sophisticated. Now is the perfect time to enjoy the classic Macanudo flavors, with this gracefully slender smoke. It is available in boxes of 25.
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