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Ask any premium cigar connoisseur what was the first brand that they ever smoked, and they will most likely say Macanudo. And for a very good reason, because since the brands humble beginnings in Jamaica, the original Macanudo Café line has attained global dominance as one the smoothest and creamiest Dominican cigars ever made. In 2018, the company decided to introduce the first flavor infused cigar to their iconic lineup of immensely popular blends. Simply called M by Macanudo Coffee, smoke one and you will quickly think that the “M” stands for mouthwatering! Meticulously handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, each M by Macanudo Coffee cigar features a beautiful, seamless, Indonesian wrapper leaf, paired with a binder from the Philippines, and a core of deeply aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco. After lighting an “M” you’ll be greeted by a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke whose decadent flavors of cedar, nuts, and spice, backed by rich, dark roast coffee, pairs splendidly with that first hot mug of morning joe’. Buy a box of M by Macanudo cigars when shopping online at JR Cigar and enjoy a smoke that can best be described as coffee lover’s dream. If you are looking for more information about M by Macanduo cigars, check out Blending Room for our review of this cigar!

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