3.955223880597015 67
Ascot First time buyer and both the Cafe and Maduro varieties had torn wrappers and small pin holes on 2-3 out of 10 sticks. Taste is ok no complaints there. 3 5 1
Ascot I you want something fuller bodied and flavorful but don’t have time for a full sized cigar then give this one a try. Great flavor in a short smoke when you are short on time. 4 5 1
Ascot Great smoke! Unfortunately the price just went up another $7. 4 5 1
Ascot Maduro Mac is marginally better than their EMS but it's an expensive AM cigar Oh well 4 5 1
Ascot Awesome 4 5 1
Ascot Great smoke if you don't have time for a larger cigar. Cello wrapper could be better. if you don't get it right it tears up the cigar. Great tasted. Not to Strong. 4 5 1
Ascot Macanudo maduro is one of my all time favorites. If you are a fan of maduros this cigar is a must try. You will enjoy 5 5 1
Ascot Very nice full flavor I enjoy Macanudo cigars. They are definitely some of my favorite. 4 5 1
Ascot I found this cigar hard to open then when get at it the draw is so tight. try to cut further cigars I end up with tobacco mouth. whole tin is a wash. never again. 2 5 1
Ascot not too bad of a cigar. more flavor than a natural macanudo. no burn or draw issues. excellent construction. 4 5 1
Ascot Was very happy to see so many additions tot my favorite cigar line. MACs have been my go to since my very first buy. The Maduro line is so different yet so like all the other MACs great construction draw taste and just a good to look at stick. The Ascot Maduro is a great quick smoke for when time is short and you want to cram as much flavor into the short break you have. I found this little gem has some big flavor. All those one reads about contained in maduros are there spice chocolate even a very suttle brown sugar. Couple this little stick with a good rum and you have the just right finish to a later lunch. 5 5 1
Ascot This cigar isn't great but it's pretty good. Its draw can be somewhat tough but not to impossible to overcome. Not bad for a quick smoke break at work or just to past the time. It's more on the mild side than anything else. 4 5 1
Ascot I liked this smoke but as far as flavor goes... It's a bit intense for my taste. I reminded me of a very concentrated espresso. My friend loved this but he also had a much different taste than I do. 4 5 1
Ascot These are wonderful cigars. Exceptional quality is something you can always expect from Macanudo. While I find may of their smokes to be a little bit on the mild side the maduro wraps on these balance them out perfectly. I should admit I'm a big maduro fan. Love these stogies and I would love to see a great deal on them. 5 5 1
Ascot What can I say I'm in love with Maduro's. Yet another delightful maduro very nice full body flavor. You will be talking about this one for a while. 5 5 1
Ascot Here is another macanudo that s÷ms like it has been around forever. But that is a test amend to the macanudo brand 4 5 1
Ascot I like a lot of flavor but don't enjoy big stogies that take a long time to smoke. These are excellent, consistent flavor and construction. Flavor actually mellows on the second half. Will buy again! 5 5 1
Ascot Not bad. But won’t stay lit consistently 4 5 1
Ascot I really enjoy these little guys. I recommend them for on the go. Not enough time to smoke, grab one of these to satisfy until later... 4 5 1
Ascot I had this one first thing in the morning.only issue was the celafane was stuck to the band. And so it cracked the cigar.gave me draw issues. Flavor was good notes of bakers chocolate,coffee and roasted nuts. Nutty and chocolate flavors lingered after the exhale. Definitely on the mild side. 4 5 1
Ascot A good decadent cigar a good offering for the guys a general Macanudo ascot maduro is a good cigar 4 5 1
Ascot A terrific cigar. Easy smoke not overwhelming and are best when aged a little longer in a humidor without the tin box. 4 5 1
Ascot Good smoke 3 5 1
Ascot Fantastic little smoke for any time. Excellent with espresso or on a coffee break. These accompany me all the time and I smoke them throughout the day. 4 5 1
Ascot these are wow aweful in a nicecway to say more of a dog rocket and they just have nasty tastes 2 5 1
Ascot The draw on this cigar is very tight. Smoked 2 of the 10 so far and the first one had a a cracked wrapper. Had to cut it off below the break. 2nd was really tight but had good flavor. Very mild not sure I would even give it the -medium designation. Quick smoke for when you don't have a bunch of time. 3 5 1
Ascot Great cigar in a small package. This is an excellent cigar for when you want a flavorful smoke but you don't have a bunch of time. 4 5 1
Ascot I usually Like My cigars a little thicker but this cigar had a nice taste which was spicy and fruity. It smokes very well. 5 5 1
Ascot So far not impressed ..dry..harsh ..taste is poor 1 5 1
Ascot Not a bad cigar and if you're one to toss part of your because you don't have an hour or more to smoke this one is nice. Good flavor coffee and chocolate hints. Flavor is good and consistent through the whole burn. Draw can be tough so cut it a little wider and its a perfect small cigar. A 10 pack tin of these is the same price as some singles in stores. Good cigar for between smokes of your expensive ones. You can't go wrong even if its just to try a 10 pack. 4 5 1
Ascot I liked this smoke but as far as flavor goes... It's a bit intense for my taste. I reminded me of a very concentrated espresso. My friend loved this but he also had a much different taste than I do. 4 5 1
Ascot The Maduro Macanudo is a flavor that tastes like coffee and a dark chocolate with tons of full-bodied flavor 4 5 1
Ascot Mac maduro for me was better than the gold alittle sweeter due to the maduro wrapper still somehow I expected more from what is arguably America's best selling brand 4 5 1
Ascot A good dark smoke from the Mac. I felt like it could have had a tad more flavor but the quality was there 4 5 1
Ascot Great little cigars with a nutty punch. Not overpowering these make an awesome lunch break smoke or for when you don't have two hours 5 5 1
Ascot I have smoked several if not almost all of Macanudos cigars that I have been able to come across or even find online for that matter this cigar was great not the best they have made but it was great! I will be buying more soon 5 5 1
Ascot A Macanudo and it's a Maduro 2 good reasons to smoke such a fine cigar a great taste and a great aroma this is a cigar worthy of a cigar smokers humidor 5 5 1
Ascot Macanudo always makes a fantastic cigar and constructed well however I have had many packed too tight that were impossible to draw 4 5 1
Ascot This is my favorite cigar.nice quality and nice service. 5 5 1
Ascot Still very smooth and size is perfect for the last couple holes in golf 5 5 1
Ascot Now here is a Cigar that is an excellent smoke at a reasonable cost: it is a smooth short smoke with an even draw from front to back. The Construction is fine & it has a nice Aroma. A good Mild to Medium Body experience. I'll be buying them regularly in the future. Definitely belongs on an 'A' list of Cigars...... 5 5 1
Ascot I am fairly new to cigars , but these have a wonderful depth of flavors. Love them 5 5 1
Ascot I was quite surprised at how bold this one was for me. Ascot is one of my favorites & when they ran out, I got a tin of these maduros.. Tho they are nice, I'm not too keen on this one to tbh. Compared to the ascot, maybe I got a "bad batch," but I'll give em a chance. The regular ascot by far blows this one outta the water for me. 1st draw was quite bitter like pure cocoa. Very strong. As you burn longer I found the peppery taste got way too intense. I just couldn't find that sweet spot like in the regular ascots. Not bad for bold smokers, but too much for me for such a lil thing... just sayin. 3 5 1
Ascot These are very handy when I am short on time...the bold flavor and consistency are top notch! I bought the 100 pack (10 tins of ten) and only a couple of the cigars had draw issues. I recommend these to any Maduro lover. 4 5 1
Ascot Smoke them all the time 3 5 1
Ascot Truly a shame …. Your lucky if you get four good smokes per tin. These cigars are a waste of your money !! 1 5 1
Ascot My #4 favorite cigar. Very flavorful and a bit spicy, just what I like. Not as good as a Mac Gold Label but it’s up there. Fairly good draw, could use some improvement. Will buy again. 5 5 1
Ascot These cigars are a really smooth smoke 5 5 1
Ascot This cigar smokes great and burns evenly 5 5 1
Ascot This little cigar packs a whole lot of flavor 5 5 1
Ascot Very smooth. Excellent flavor. The size is perfect for an work night evening cigar. 5 5 1
Ascot These have terrible draw.I will stick with Undercrown Maduro. 1 5 1
Ascot Great flavor from a little smoke. I got more time out of it than I thought I would. I did have tight draw at first, but it opened up pretty quickly 4 5 1
Ascot It has been a crapshoot with these lately. My last 2 orders, and some prior to my last 2 orders, have wrappers that are loose and/ or wrinkled causing a mess of a smoke. Shame because I an a fan of the size and taste. 2 5 1
Ascot Good flavor, awesome draw, great for the price 5 5 1
Ascot Good cigars 4 5 1
Ascot A nice little cigar full of flavor but not overwhelming. The only problem is that after smoking one, you’ll want another one 4 5 1
Ascot A good little smoke when you don’t want a big cigar but they don’t always draw good. Taste is good. 3 5 1
Ascot This little cigar is perfect for a small treat. 5 5 1
Ascot Great smoke, little sweet, draw not consistent. 5 5 1
Ascot quality has deteriorated over the past 2 years. 3 5 1
Ascot LOOKS LIKE A BIG FAT LONG UN UNIFORM FAT BUGGER. No Draw even after helping it breathe. Falling apart looked like they were made a long time ago. Opposite of fresh! One more word YUCK 1 5 1
Ascot Macanudo Ascot Maduro is the smoothest small cigar that I have smoked. It smokes easily, gives a good stack, and lasts much longer than you expect for a shorter small conference cigar. So far, it remains my favorite small cigar. 5 5 1
Ascot First time smoker here but I love these little cigars. They are perfect for cutting the grass with a quick smoke. I have smoked about 10 of these and every last one is the same flavorful and smooth to draw. Tends to unravel a bit but that is probably me cutting a bit to deep. 4 5 1
Ascot This is my favorite small cigar. I keep trying others, but for the quality, price and consistency the Macanudo Maduro Ascot is the best I have smoked, for a small cigar, especially after finishing a larger cigar and you have enough drink of your choice left, and enough time for one more small cigar to finish the night. Hands down, this is my small cigar. of choice. I recommend it. 5 5 1
Ascot Hands down to Macanudo got the Ascot Maduro smokes. I’ve been smoking them a long time and I have on many occasions tried other small cigars but always come back to this one. One good improvement is the ease it is to get them out of their individual wrapper. It has been difficult in the past, but applause on the ease of unwrapping now. A great cigar to finish off a time smoking with friends. 5 5 1

Macanudo Maduro

Ascot 4.25 × 32 MAAS3

The Macanudo Maduro Ascot is an immensely popular mellow to medium bodied little smoke. Now you can enjoy the rich sweet chocolaty goodness of one of America’s favorite cigars in handy tins of 10, when break time rolls around!
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