4.615384615384615 13
6.25X64 Great smoke, well made. 5 5 1
6.25X64 This baby is exploding with the flavor And light, smooth, tight ash I can I’m more pleased to say that this is my number one bursting with cedar and a little bit of sweetness spice. Everything you want in a perfect circle. 5 5 1
6.25X64 Great flavor,draw,& burns even 5 5 1
6.25X64 N/a 5 5 1
6.25X64 Love the unique size of the 6 1/4x64. Looks a bit intimidating but the smoke to me was on the mild side and very pleasant. Top notch construction and nice even burn with no touch ups. 5 5 1
6.25X64 Very flavorful, satisfying and mellow,,, 5 5 1
6.25X64 This Nicaraguan puro is massive due to its 64 ring gauge. But despite its huge size and beautiful Maduro color, I find this cigar to be medium-full bodied with medium strength. Its Maduro wrapper showed some teeth, but without the oily shine I was expecting to see, which could be due to previous storage conditions but I'm no real expert. Easy draw from a guillotine cut. During the dry draw, this premium cigar screamed out tones of chocolate and cedar which promisingly came out all throughout, a real joy! White-greyish ash, solid construction, burned moderately fast during the first 2 thirds and then slowed down during the last. Having said that, make sure to acclimate these cigars well ahead of time due to their size or you may end up like mine which ended up with persistent canoeing during the first and second thirds as I just recently got these through another one of JR's awesome deals! Anyways, this is an great cigar and I will buy them again for sure when I run out. On a side note, I would absolutely love to see La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli in an oscuro wrapper if they are not already making them. As far as pairing, a black espresso or a scotch whiskey would be appropriate imo. Cheers! 5 5 1
6.25X64 Good flavor but construction was sloppy. Roll wasn’t tight and cigar came loose halfway thru. Negative effects on draw. 3 5 1
6.25X64 I have smoked several boxes of this cigar. It had become my standby. Until the current box. I was a bit worried when the cigars came in a slide-top cedar box rather than the "traditional" hinged box which was usual. These comments are based on smoking five sticks from the current lot. The cigars had a rough feel instead of the velvety wrapper which I expected. It was hard to light and get an even ash. Previously the ash held to about an inch, fine white grey. The current sticks do not hold an ash more than a half inch (and that rarely), coarse, dark grey with some black.. They behaved like a short-filler or table scraps cigar. Compared to past examples the roll seemed loose and burned pretty fast and required frequent relighting. Fairly early in the smoke the head wrapper started coming off revealing a rough binder that, in a couple of cases, had holes making the draw uneven. Then when the ring is removed the rest of the wrapper comes off, the binder falls away and your left with a cigar that looks like those exploding cigars one used to see in cartoons. The flavor remains acceptable but there is a bit of a bite. 2 5 1
6.25X64 Indeed one of the better smokes I've had. Quite full, rich, deep. Frankly, a demanding smoke but worth every demand imposed by it! 5 5 1
6.25X64 Really enjoying this cigar 5 5 1
6.25X64 Good god I’m just loving this big, beautiful stick. Wonderfully constructed, long slow burn, fantastic aroma. Flavors are spot on traditional: cocoa, warm spices and just enough pepper to keep it interesting. This has become one of my favorite regulars. Highly recommend when you need some time to sit back, relax and just slow down. 5 5 1
6.25X64 My uncle wants another box already. 5 5 1

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli Maduro

6.25X64 6.25 × 64 LGSE643

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli Maduro cigars are named after the prestigious General Cigar factory in Esteli Nicaragua where these top-notch cigars are rolled. This line extension to the highly acclaimed original Serie R Maduro , features an ebony Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper that’s gleaming with oil, replacing the equally dark and oily Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf. The binder and fillers also get a total makeover with ligero and seco Nicaraguan tobaccos that hail from the fertile Jalapa Valley. Expertly handcrafted with the well-seasoned smoker in mind, the cigars provide rich full-bodied flavors of bittersweet chocolate, cedar, white pepper, and baking spices. In keeping with Serie R tradition, Esteli Maduro cigars are presented in three big ring vitolas. Order a box of 18 from JR Cigar, and indulge yourself with these maduro wrapped delights from La Gloria!
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