4.0 45
Toro Was not all what I was expecting. But I'm more mellow kinda smoker 3 5 1
Toro Horrible burn and tastes like a paper bag. I let a few have a substantial amount of rest and they were STILL horrible. One was extremely bitter and the other? Tasted like a paper bag. Good thing I got them for under 2 bucks each or I would be pissed. I will use the rest for infusing. What awful cigars. 2 5 1
Toro Just like everything in the SLR line this stick is amazing. Great draw and full of flavor. Even burn with great smoke. 4 5 1
Toro Solid nothing special but nothing to complain about. I like most of the stuff from SLR. A little bitter I the final third 4 5 1
Toro Loosely constructed. Flavor just ok.romeo Arturo monte smokes this cigar 3 5 1
Toro What can I say it's an awesome cigar! I have been smoking SLR's for almost 15 years. 5 5 1
Toro Great cigar Nice and spicy Very well constructed and balanced This is one of my favorites👍 5 5 1
Toro Very enjoyable smoke. Well made nice flavor all the way down. 4 5 1
Toro One of my favorite daily smokes. 5 5 1
Toro The packages were both delivered late and we were gone and were stolen from our doorsteps. If they had been delivered on time I would have gotten them. My son went to look and they were not there. We are in Portugal and it is difficult for us to call you. 2 5 1
Toro Very good smoke 5 5 1
Toro These have become my new favorite. Every one has been good quality start to finish with great full bodied flavor. 5 5 1
Toro Horrible burn and tastes like a paper bag. I let a few have a substantial amount of rest and they were STILL horrible. One was extremely bitter and the other? Tasted like a paper bag. Good thing I got them for under 2 bucks each or I would be pissed. I will use the rest for infusing. What awful cigars. 2 5 1
Toro A quality cigar. Flavor and taste were just OK nothing special. Since flavor and taste are the primary reason for smoking a cigar this one will not be a reorder for my taste. Others may really like the taste though. Aside from the flavor and taste no other complaints about this maduro. 4 5 1
Toro The flavor and construction were good but the draw was hard and without constant attention the stick would need a re-light. Not sure if a second purchase is in order. 3 5 1
Toro Felt as if I was smoking a paper bag. Horrible smoke! 1 5 1
Toro Love these smokes with coffee or a shot of bourbon or scotch. Great sitting on my mower or wading a trout stream. 5 5 1
Toro This is my first review ever. I've enjoyed cigars for years, but just started ordering from JR. I got this cigar as part of a sampler pack. The pack was supposed to be Mellow-Medium, but the description of this cigar is full. I'm not sure if it is full, mellow, or medium, but it was one of the best cigars that I have ever smoked. The taste was really good, it could have had a little more flavor, maybe the Maduro will, but every thing else was a 5/5. Smoked well, the draw was perfect, it didn't get too hot, in fact, I was able to smoke it until I couldn't even use a paper clip to hold it any longer. I also have a problem where I often get the smoking end too wet and then the cigar falls apart. This stayed nicely together. I would strongly recommend this cigar to anyone and will be buying more of them in the future. 5 5 1
Toro Good value for the money. Good anytime smoke. Smooth, medium texture that burns evenly. I usually start the day with one. Deep rich flavor that seemed a bit like cedar and pepper. 5 5 1
Toro Good value 5 5 1
Toro nice shape, bought on auction as was billed as a full flavor smoke. I found that these can run on you durning the first third of the smoke. In fact these cigars really don't get good until you have smoked it down a little. Not great not bad. 3 5 1
Toro I really enjoyed the cigar . It has a great flavor , good draw and great construction. I have been trying various varieties of cigars and I have to say this cigar is near the top of my list. Deficit will order these again. 5 5 1
Toro I don't think it was as full bodied as advertised. started very dull but the finish was great. Very good draw, slow burn but a very uneven burn 4 5 1
Toro While the first third burned a bit hotter than I'd like, this stick really settled in from that point forward. Nice choice for a mid-range medium to keep in your locker 4 5 1
Toro This has been one of my less expensive favorites for almost 2 years. Very good flavor, burn is average. Well worth the lower cost range price point. 3 5 1
Toro Fine cigar for the money. 4 5 1
Toro I really enjoy this stick, ot says its a full body stick, not really about that, but a great everyday smoke! I keep them stocked in my humidor. 4 5 1
Toro Draws well and has a good consistent flavor 4 5 1
Toro Can't go wrong with this great fuller flavored stogie! Always great flavor and construction. Always consistent in every way!! 4 5 1
Toro Full flavor, robust 4 5 1
Toro I bought a five pack on sale. The first one was only a couple weeks in humidor and just okay. I’ll let the other 4 sit a few more weeks and try again. 4 5 1
Toro Good flavor good draw and consistent 5 stars 5 5 1
Toro Great smoke 5 5 1
Toro Draw is tight. One cigar had a stem that was 1/8th an inch thick in the middle. Flavor is oaky for a budget cigar. 3 5 1
Toro Nice draw, even burn. Earthy and peppery flavors. It was ok, did not knock my socks off. 4 5 1
Toro These are my daily smokes. Great EMS wrappers, full body, and just yummie. 5 5 1
Toro Good from beginning to end. Nice, smooth draw with a mild taste. 5 5 1
Toro Smoke well 5 5 1
Toro Pretty good cigar. I going it litte strong 4 5 1
Toro Nice looking EMS wrapper, bold bands that sets itself apart from the others aesthetically. Medium draw with a guillotine cut. It offers a complex peppery tone combined with a light hint of smooth cocoa and black coffee. What a nice blend, really nice! The ash dropped naturally after about an inch and a half and was grayish in color throughout. It burned evenly and the tobacco was well aged to present zero traces of ammonia and allowing for its complexities to develop. Its construction was okay, but it just doesn't give me as much smoke when I draw than I would like to experience. Mild body. Full strength. Long finish. Overall, not bad at all for the price. Thanks, JR as always! 4 5 1
Toro I prefer a stronger smoke. I was excited to light one of these up. Construction, draw and burn were good however flavor fell flat. Somebody go get me a JR Edicion Limitada Cohiba double corona!!!! Ahhh....that's better. 3 5 1
Toro Not as strong as i anticipated. Construction was acceptable. Draw was just OK. Burn was fairly uneven. Needed occasional relighting. Wouldn’t reorder. Sorry. 3 5 1
Toro Got some in a freebie sampler, I usually give these things away. I tried one and was surprised at the quality. Good draw, perfect burn line, very smooth & tasty. A pleasant and satisfying smoke, definitly boxworthy. 5 5 1
Toro Great taste love it. 5 5 1
Toro Or as strong as I anticipated however smooth and satisfying 4 5 1

Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial

Toro 6 × 50 SLRT

Kissed by the sun and packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25, the stunning dark Nicaraguan EMS wrappers placed on this full-bodied Toro is sure to please. The Reserva by Saint Luis Rey is truly one fine premium cigar!
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Honduras / Nicaragua / Peru




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