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First produced in Cuba, St. Luis Rey cigars are now meticulously handcrafted in Honduras using nothing but the finest premium tobacco. These flavorful cigars are one of the most highly acclaimed premium cigar brands in the star-studded Altadis U.S.A. brand portfolio. The original blend has gained many accolades for its full flavor, solid construction, and rich, spicy, and earthy taste. Available in both a dark, oily maduro, and rich, reddish brown EMS wrapper, St. Luis Rey Reserva Especial offers a full-bodied flavor profile of pepper, nuts, spice, chocolate, earth, and leather, depending which wrapper style that you choose. Can you handle the St Luis Rey Serie G? We say that because the “G” stands for “Gigante”. Each of these fatties boasts a ring gauge of 54 and up. It is the next generation of cigars made in the classic Cuban tradition, yet boasting invigorating and distinctive flavors that modern smokers have come to love. Perhaps you have always wanted to try these fabulous Honduran cigars but were deterred by their powerful strength. If that’s the case, then St. Luis Rey Carenas cigars are the solution to this problem. Medium bodied, and laced with creamy smooth notes of earth, sweet spice, salted caramel, and toast, Carenas provides a smoke that both newcomers and seasoned pros can easily enjoy. The affordable St. Luis Rey Cigar collection is available right here at JR Cigar, ready to impress just about every style of smoker, and is worthy of at least one whole shelf or more in your humidor.
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