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This brand, highly regarded for using the rarest and hardest to find premium tobaccos on many of their artisanal blends, tips it hats off to Mexico with this hot creation. This is the first CAO blend to use a Mexican wrapper. However, not just a lesser quality coarse and pungent leaf, this one features a Morron varietal from the fertile San Andres Valley that is characteristically smoother in taste than your typical Mexican wrapper. The rest of this superb medium-to- full bodied blend is composed of the finest aged binder and long filler tobacco from Nicaragua. Each drag in this Mexican inspired gem, delivers rich, bold, and exceptionally well-refined flavors of black pepper, hickory wood, earth, cocoa, and an abundance of tobacco sweetness on the finish. Sold in affordable boxes of 20, it is yet another creative CAO blend that’s a first ever creation for this highly popular brand. Get in on the action, pour yourself an ice-cold glass of Dos Equis, and order a box from JR Cigars today!

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