3.682926829268293 41
Bogota Another good CAO smoke. This one has really good flavors with no draw issues for me. Construction has been on point with all of mine. Really good smoke. 4 5 1
Bogota The Cao Colombia bogota was a really nice cigar good construction good draw interesting flavor great price I would by this again Cao has done good 4 5 1
Bogota Love love love CAO Prefer the Brazilia but The large Columbia rocks Not as sweet in the mouth but delicious 5 5 1
Bogota This may be the worst cigar I have ever smoked 2 5 1
Bogota this stick was ok i liked the other ones were alot better than this one but its stuck a nice stick 3 5 1
Bogota This is my brothers favorite cigar. I've had several with him. It's a very mild cigar great for a daily. 5 5 1
Bogota If and when you are in the mood for something good and different try this cigar it is a good one 4 5 1
Bogota Good cigar for the price. They aren't the best but they aren't the worst. They are worth the price though. 4 5 1
Bogota good construction with a burn and draw. no relights or touch ups needed. this one was full bodied to me with a woodsy essence. 4 5 1
Bogota Like a leathery delicious treat. New favorite. Smokes a little fast but highly recommended. 4 5 1
Bogota Flavor was great hit notes of wood earth and little spice. Didn't produce as much smoke as I would've liked but good all the same 4 5 1
Bogota This is a great cao brand cigar it was an overall great cigar it had a even burn and the wrapper had a great flavor you should try it if you haven't already 5 5 1
Bogota I liked everything about this cigar except for one thing this cigar looked great smelled great burned evenly and had a ton of flavors but it burned to quick for me 4 5 1
Bogota Honestly this is the most boring cigar I've tasted yet. the flavors if any were muted I couldn't get any flavors out of it at all. That being said I've heard guys that agree with me and than others think it's good so as always taste is subjective! 3 5 1
Bogota I tried this twice last year but could not get into it. It was well made but a little bland. It may have been a little dry. 4 5 1
Bogota This is a newer CAO. Picked one up about 6months back. Was suprised at the level of flavor and complexity. Notes of leather and earth. Nice tobacco finish. Shiny wrapper and even burn. Another great cigar by CAO. 4 5 1
Bogota Like the entire line of CAO this is no doubt a great cigar. Well rounded even draw flawless construction. Yum 4 5 1
Bogota this is a decent middle of the road stick Cao always has great flavors for the money although the construction and can be a little iffy sometimes 3 5 1
Bogota Good smoke! nice even burn great flavor from beginning to end. True mild/medium smoke! I'd buy it again. 3 5 1
Bogota The CAO Colombia os a very pleasant medium bodied stick with flavors of hay graham cracker and a little sweet brown sugar. The flavor profile is neither dark nor light but is instead fairly neutral. Construction is fabulous throughout. I recommend it. 4 5 1
Bogota The cao Columbia has a nice mellow spice to it coming from the Columbian tobacco in it. All of the different country lines are true gems 4 5 1
Bogota Earlier today I mistakenly applied the following review to another ciga.r This review is about my third box of the CAO Columbia Bogota The first two boxes were excellent. Can't say the same for this one. The first 3 cigars had a draw like a lead pipe. The third was so bad I gave up on it. Tonight, I took on the battle with the fourth. It's frustrating to sit back hoping to relax and enjoy a good smoke and find yourself sucking at a stubborn, poorly constructed cigar. I'll be hoping tomorrow night, number five of 20, will not be a repeat of the first four. 1 5 1
Bogota I think I’m done smoking the Bogato. Used to be my go to smoke, but inconsistent draw and horrible construction lately (knots, wrappers falling apart, cracking) just isn’t worth it. 3 5 1
Bogota This is a mild cigar that has a hay and barnyard aroma as well as a cedar flavor with just a hint of spice to keep things interesting. Great smoke to start your day 4 5 1
Bogota Not a stick that i enjoyed its better then the cao amazon but not the stick for me i havnt reallynenjoyed any cao 3 5 1
Bogota Great cigar..burns excellent right to the nub..lots and lots of flavor..very spicy and nutty..hints of cream.. 5 5 1
Bogota Not the best from CAO but definetly better then a yard gar. Creamy from start to finish. Nice kick in the retro hale 3 5 1
Bogota The Colombia is my 5th go to in the Cao line a somewhat mild stick with a cream taste with hints of nuts and cedar 4 5 1
Bogota Like a leathery delicious treat. New favorite. Smokes a little fast but highly recommended. 4 5 1
Bogota Cao makes the best cigars on the market. Rich and flavorful full bodied but not overpowering. Would definitely reccommend. 4 5 1
Bogota Great size smokes great feels great. Love the nutty flavors. Nice medium smoke start to finish. Have not had one that would not draw. Smooth even burn. 4 5 1
Bogota Another nice choice by CAO ..not one of my favorites but still a decent smoke ..mild in flavor with a little bit of spice 3 5 1
Bogota Not too bad but I have had better. It is not a bad cigar but I thought it would be milder than it was overall the construction was good. 3 5 1
Bogota A medium bodied smoke with a woody flavor. Good burn and a nice wrapper. Has a good draw and consistent flavor. 3 5 1
Bogota CAO Columbia Bogota isn't a bad smoke. Craftsmanship is pretty solid with a smooth buttery wrapping. Puts off pretty good smoke and a pleasant tobacco aroma. Good smoke. 4 5 1
Bogota Is there a CAO country cigar I haven't enjoyed? The answer is no. They're all perfect and this is no exception. Great flavor construction wrapper and name. Another must have! 5 5 1
Bogota This is a nice milder offering from CAO but still full of flavor. Put together wonderfully. Live to sit back and just enjoy this smoke 4 5 1
Bogota I don't know what it is but almost every CAO I've gotten has been plugged. Completely ruined this cigar for me 1 5 1
Bogota CAO Columbia Bogota is a medium bodied beauty that tempts the palate. Tasty treats tease the buds of your taste. This is the reel deel. 4 5 1
Bogota Another solid medium bodied cigar from CAO. These offer a balanced flavor profile of taosted nuts coffee and maybe some salted caramel 4 5 1
Bogota Another I got through a COTM club. It was a great light smoke. Mostly notes of toasted nuts. I will definitely be seeking this one out again. 4 5 1

CAO Colombia

Bogota 6 × 60 CCLB

CAO Colombia Bogota cigars are another addition to CAO’s unique and groundbreaking World Blend Series, beloved by discerning smokers across the globe. CAO Colombia Bogota uses a very rare Columbian tobacco for the filler blend, called, “Ica Mazinga”. Found in the Montes de Maria region, an isolated province close to the Caribbean coast in Colombia, these rare seeds have been cultivated and perfected for over 15 years to create their unique, rich taste and aroma. These Ica Mazinga tobaccos are joined by Brazilian Mata Fina fillers that are covered by a Cameroon binder and a rich, reddish hue Jamastran Rosado wrapper grown in Honduras. This pioneering blend not found on any other cigar, provides a medium smoke loaded with delicious flavors of spice, black cherry, sweet tobacco, and hints of salted cashews, that earned the brand a well-deserved 92-point rating.

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Jamastran Rosado


Brazilian Matafina / Colombian Ica Mazinga




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