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CAO is a brand made famous for utilizing the world’s finest and rarest tobaccos in the world, to create unparalleled premium cigars in their modern factory in Nicaragua. After five long years of planning and testing various blends, in 2001 the company finally released one of their finest blends to date, called CAO Brazilia cigars. Although not for the faint of heart or palate, CAO Brazilia offers the well-seasoned smoker a full-bodied cigar that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Made from one of the most beautiful Brazilian maduro wrapper leaves that you will every lay your eyes on, this stunning leaf was grown in the fertile Bahia region of the country. The rest of the blend is composed of ligero Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobacco taken from the very top of the plant that gets the most sunshine. The cigar is bold, complex, and well refined, offering delicious flavors of black pepper, earth, chocolate, leather, and hints of black cherry. Order CAO Brazilia from JR Cigar in your favorite big ring size and take rich full-bodied flavors to the next scrumptious level. If you want to learn more about these cigars, read our CAO Brazilia cigars review on the Blending Room!

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