3.3333333333333335 15
Bella Vanilla Corona I want to like these but between the inconsistencies on burning and the horrible draw I can’t continue to purchase them. The flavor is nice and that’s about it. 2 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona This cigar tastes like metal very poor taste with lack of consistency. 2 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona I always purchase at least two cigars so I can be sure and space out smoking them to ensure it's not me or the environment. Two cigars later on this and I will not be purchasing more. Minimum 6 weeks in my humi draw was a bit difficult and the burn at times uneven. Smell great - unlit! But all that is lost once lit. I sensed no aroma or taste; to say I was disappointed is an understatement. I have smoked other flavored cigars (Drew Estate for example and others) and I have not had an experienced like this. I tried these because of the reviews; don't know what happened. Could be my taste buds were off both times but I let a few days and a few cigars pass between trying these two. 2 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona Great taste and flavor. I buy these for my wife because they are sweet and always a smooth consistent smoke. 5 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona I dont always do flavors. But when I do I prefer Bella Vanilla...seriously though that is actually a true statement. This is a nice change of pace and an excellent flavor that might even get the old lady to try one. I said might 4 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona So I was excited to try it lit one up as soo as it came in. There was a stem...in the cap and it chipped my guillotine.... oh well no biggie. It had some “ploom” so that was a turn off. The ceder rap was scotch taped ... and very poorly at it. Flavor was good not “worth the price good” though had richer ones at the local convenience. Great draw! Burned well. 3 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona Mellow sweet and pleasant. This cigar is worth the 6-7 dollars for single. If you like a sweet cap mild tobacco this stick will work for you. The vanilla is hard to define and the sweet cap is a little overpowering for a mellow smoke and hides some of the flavors until it wears off. Overall good smoke pairs well with cream soda or light cocktail. 3 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona I very rarely do flavored cigars. Just not my taste. Every once in a while a flavored stick is what you want. CAO in my opinion make the best flavored smokes. Bella Vanilla is my choice when I have a flavored stick. 4 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona Nice subtle flavor. Very sweet and mellow. Flavors don't taste too artificial. Easy smoke when you don't have a lot of time. 4 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona Quick smoke sweet taste on the wrapper. The cameroon wrapper with the nicaraguan filler gives this stick a thick smoke. 3 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona Smooth flavor and very aromatic. Pleasant on the nose though that is to be expected given its flavoring 4 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona Reasonable draw .Ok burn .Smells great unlit but its all downhill from there .Whoever believes this tastes natural is kidding themselves. Extremely bitter and metallic aftertaste. Incredibly unbalanced cigar even for a flavoured .Won't buy again. 2 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona I like the taste and aroma, however they are a tough draw. Tightly packed, sometimes a bit too much effort to smoke. 4 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona I really enjoy these cigars. I am an everyday smoker and these cigars, individually wrapped in cedar, and has a distinct taste of vanilla. These cigars have great draw, mellow flavor and smooth aftertaste. 5 5 1
Bella Vanilla Corona Not much for flavor 3 5 1

CAO Flavours

Bella Vanilla Corona 5.25 × 42 CBVC5

The CAO Bella Vanilla Corona uses the finest vanilla beans from Madagascar blended with Cuban-seed tobaccos from the Dominican Republic for a subtle, smooth, and layered smoke that will have you craving more. These premium handmade beauties are finished with a tasty Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a toasty, toothy Cameroon wrapper from Africa. Order a 5-pack from JR Cigar today, and savor a great change of pace from your more traditional non-aromatic smokes.
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