4.584415584415584 77
V660 Carb This is a great 👍🏿 Cigar a smooth tasting Cigar and a for a good price. 5 5 1
V660 Carb First one out of the box and first CAO I've smoked. Other reviews are spot on with this one. Only disappointment was the tight draw. Had to puff more often to keep it lit and had to relight once. Surprised by the weight of this cigar. Liked the shape. Perhaps the remaining 23 will have a better draw. Aside from that a very nice smoke. 4 5 1
V660 Carb The best taste of any cigar in my opinion. 4 5 1
V660 Carb I love the taste and feel of this cigar. The box press with the super flat head makes an amazing smoke. The price cannot be beat. 5 5 1
V660 Carb I love CAO cigars and this is one of my favorites. Just ordered my 4th box this year. I'll keep smoking these 5 5 1
V660 Carb Honestly I really didn't care for the cigar too much. I've only ordered that the white one time and I don't think I'll be ordering it again. 3 5 1
V660 Carb One of my favorite smokes. Smooth clean draw with a mellow finish. Pairs great with a glass of whiskey on a warm summer night 5 5 1
V660 Carb Excellent construction - straight burn and good draw. Very smooth, but I actually prefer the 554 that has a little more spice to the flavor. 4 5 1
V660 Carb The construction and consistency of this cigar are great. It is also a nice longer smoke that is a 7 out of ten on a strength measurement. I have had several with no burn or other issues. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Great smoke 5 5 1
V660 Carb Decent cigar. 3 5 1
V660 Carb I enjoyed my first V660 about 3 years ago, since then have gone through numerous boxes with friends and family. A really affordable go to cigar 5 5 1
V660 Carb This cigar is great for those that like a fuller smoke. Great flavor and smooth. I think this is the best cigar for the money. 3 5 1
V660 Carb Great Cigar 5 5 1
V660 Carb First I’d like to say thank you the free shipping was faster than I had ever received from any other supplier. Flathead 660 carb have not disappointed me yet. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Good cigar, very well constructed. 4 5 1
V660 Carb Great cigar and best price I have seen 5 5 1
V660 Carb Love these! Great full flavor! 5 5 1
V660 Carb Always a great smoke! 4 5 1
V660 Carb Absolutely one of the best cigars I have smoked. Hands down my go to for any occasion with an hour and half of uninterrupted time. 5 5 1
V660 Carb I was in Manassas Va on Friday and frequented a cigar store there. CAO was having a promotion there and Ricky Rodriguez (the blender for the Flathead 660) was there. I talked with him for over an hour while smoking a Flathead 660 which I thoroughly enjoyed. The stick had an excellent draw and was perfectly box pressed. The flavor was deep chocolate with a sweet note. In sum it was a great stick and an excellent conversation with Ricky. If you like full flavored cigars buy this one -- you'll like it. 5 5 1
V660 Carb CAO 660s are amazing! This cigar has a carefully crafted and we'll made. The draw us very consistent and burns extremely well. The flavor is awesome. Great for Cigar smokers who do not like the peppery taste. Two thumbs up. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Very nice stick. Aromas of chocolate cafe. Very firm and pleasent one hour plus smoke. Perfect for poker night! 5 5 1
V660 Carb One of the very best offerings from CAO. Excellent draw & flavor without being too overbearing. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Tried one of these sticks about three months ago. I have bought two boxes since. One of my favorite cigars for sure. Not mild at all but it’s not going to blow you over either. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Love these things! I started with the Flathead 540’s and decided to bump up to the 660’s. Happy I did! Same draw and consistent smoke. 4 5 1
V660 Carb Nice well balanced cigar 5 5 1
V660 Carb A great stick for the money. 40 years experience!👍🇺🇸 4 5 1
V660 Carb At $140+ you expect good construct, draw and consistency. The V660 Carb delivers these. The smoke though is not very complex, a medium bodied cigar that promises more flavor than it delivers. Compared to a Ligaprivada it could barely hold its own. 3 5 1
V660 Carb This is easily my favorite cigar to date. Not cheap, but burns perfectly. Big flavor. If you are a full flavored cigar lover and really enjoy spending about 90 mins of bliss outside, this is the experience for sure. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Not a fan, kind of surprised it was rated so high. Tasted hash and cheap. 2 5 1
V660 Carb These are my favorite cigars!!! From cut to finish it’s a smooth ride!! 5 5 1
V660 Carb My cigars came in great condition, my only problem is the postal service lost the box for about 10 days, while not JR Cigars fault it is annoying I spent extra money on shipping to have it come 2 weeks late. 4 5 1
V660 Carb My favorite 5 5 1
V660 Carb Unusual shape but a great cigar. full flavor 4 5 1
V660 Carb Not JR’s fault but they shouldn’t ask me to review something... twice now... that I haven’t received... 5 5 1
V660 Carb Unfortunately I got hooked on them when they were $133 a box. 4 5 1
V660 Carb This is one of the smoothest full bodied cigars i have smoked. Rich flavor and consistant througout smoke. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Still a good cigar, however I have been having problems recently with the burn, cap and band sticking to and damaging the cigar. 4 5 1
V660 Carb Hands down best cigar ever!!! 5 5 1
V660 Carb For the price, in my opinion, there is no better cigar. Don’t get me wrong, there are some better ones out there, but at a less affordable price. The CAO Flathead V660 is full, rich, and complex, with a good draw, consistent quality. I enjoy smoking these right down to the nub! 5 5 1
V660 Carb This cigar has great flavor and is well constructed for the price. I enjoy a strong, flavorful cigar to pair well with a flavorful beverage. This cigar does the trick quite nicely. 4 5 1
V660 Carb Smooth flavor, slow burning, well made, delicious! 5 5 1
V660 Carb Always a good smoke... 5 5 1
V660 Carb Never can go wrong with a cao flathead. Fantastic smoke 5 5 1
V660 Carb In my top 5! 5 5 1
V660 Carb Spicey with notes of coffee and cocoa. A very consistent draw and burn, burn time is up to around 2 hours. I found a flaw in one wrapper but that's out of over 50 5 5 1
V660 Carb This is my go to cigar for everyday smoking. Good smoke on the range or while fishing, or with a bourbon on the back porch. Consistent and quality. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Did not care for the cigar due to being somewhat dry out. However after putting them in my humidor they taste and flavor was much better. 3 5 1
V660 Carb They hold together well, mostly burn evenly, and deep robust taste! 5 5 1
V660 Carb Fantastic smoke! I am always happy with these Flatheads. Excellent draw, burn and taste. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Cigar is well made, pre lighting it, smelled good, draw is great. The spicy flavor is not of my liking. Tasted like it was dipped in black pepper. If I have to constantly spit when smoking a cigar, I certainly wont buy it again. 3 5 1
V660 Carb Flavor is good. Construction is fair. The burn is is pretty consistent. It’s a good cigar for the price. It’s a strong smoke, not for those who are looking for a milder cigar. 4 5 1
V660 Carb Looks good, smells good and tasted good. I enjoyed the flavor and the long smoke. Had to touch up one stick towards the last third of the smoke twice but it was my fault puffing too often most likely. Wanted to try these for a long time, I don't regret buying the box especially with the JR discount! Makes a nice display too with the angled cut on the lid. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Excellent smoke 5 5 1
V660 Carb Outstanding smoke . Loved the box press construction of this cigar although it’s a bigger cigar it’s comfortable to hold . Flavor wise it’s great , lots of cocoa and coffee notes with a bit of spice . Honestly just enjoy these cigars . Hooked on these badboys . 5 5 1
V660 Carb I generally prefer mellower smokes but the taste of these is so good I love them. When they're on sale I think they're one of the best buys around. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Very good cigar would recommend it to everyone, my go to one for every day smoke 5 5 1
V660 Carb This is really an excellent cigar slow burning and without doubt a premium long filler big cigar. While it says it's medium to full the cigar was very very strong so much so that I really couldn't continue smoking it. I vowed to smoke the second one I bought just smoke half of it because of its strength. I prefer mellow cigars and really do not like the very very strong type cigars that's a matter of personal taste. 5 5 1
V660 Carb I liked these cigars with a great draw and great size! Almost as good as my Ford Flathead engine I rebuilt! My engine took longer to refinish than a Flathead cigar! 5 5 1
V660 Carb Husband absolutely loves this cigar. Has a great burn and flavor. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Nice cigars 4 5 1
V660 Carb This is my second review. This is a good cigar especially if you like one a little bit more on the hefty side. 60 ring I'm beginning to like more and more of these days. It just seems to generate a lot more smoke I think I'm not sure if it's all in my head or not but in any event this is really a pretty good cigar. I got it with a collection so it was a bit of a bargain it's an expensive cigar. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Very full flavor with coco notes. Love this stick 4 5 1
V660 Carb Great smoke 5 5 1
V660 Carb Very nice cigar with excellent taste, looks and construction. No burn issues, bold flavor and medium strength but you need to take your time and smoke this one nice and slow. You can put it down for a minute or two and it will stay lit. This is my favorite cigar to smoke on the golf course. 5 5 1
V660 Carb great cigar makes me want to smoke more then my daily average 5 5 1
V660 Carb Guillotine cut. Medium draw (not too hard nor too easy, just perfect). Dry draw gave me a creamy tone, nothing else, just creamy. Box-pressed fits great in the mouth for a 60 ring gauge, thank you for that. At the start of the first third, it gave me a complex peppery-cedar-dark cocoa tone with a short spicy then leathery finish. Going into the first third, I can tell it has a mellow-medium body to it. The tone develops into a leathery profile, silky and smooth. The initial spicy finish is replaced by a silky creamy leathery one, during the first third. Its body turns to a solid medium. During the second third, the silky leather tone takes precedence. Solid white ash, even burn, well aged. The spiciness comes back in the finish, quite complex, it's full of surprises. Still, the consistency of the creamy and leathery tone lingers thoroughly. So smooth, a true joy to say the least! I would say medium strength and medium body so far in the 2nd third. The white ash is still there after being about 1.75 inches long. No issues with the burn. Clearly a medium bodied cigar throughout the 2nd third. Again, very silky and smooth with a spicy finish. I find an silky oak taste in the retrohale, which tells me that a scotch whiskey would compliment it well. After 2 inches, the solid white ash still holds on. The burn remains even, thank you cao! I get a hint of cocoa coming back in the 2nd third. Again, quite complex, it's almost like going into a very pleasant adventure with this one by being so smooth and silky or creamy. The ash just won't fall off even after reaching 3 inches long, halfway through! The ash finally naturally fell off right before i was about to remove the band, wow! Halfway through, its medium body remains as such. At every draw, its creamy leathery tone takes me to a peaceful and relaxing state. I wish it was a full bodied cigar however at this stage. That could be for the next edition, I don't know. Either way, going into the last third, I can anticipate consistency by the way it was carefully crafted. By the way, this is my first time smoking it and these are my first impressions. Creamy leather with a peppery finish going into the last third. Again, very smooth, and by now i would almost think that accompanying it with a malt would almost be a shame as it would be just need to be appreciated on its own really. Again, first time with this one here. It'll take at least an hour to smoke and enjoy this truly remarkable cigar. I can see why the hype exist with this cigar. I hope that the JR marketing team will put these into auctions on a regular basis. Every connoisseurs need to try these at least once imo. I will definitely get these into my humidor with one of JR's truly awesome deals! Let's get them to turnover fast, JR! Let's go! 5 5 1
V660 Carb Got one in a sampler. First time trying it, thing has some kick to it! Lots of spice and flavor, strong. Plenty of smoke and the draw was easy. Very nice 5 5 1
V660 Carb Love the v660 great cigars 5 5 1
V660 Carb These are my favorite of all time and I like all kinds of cigars 5 5 1
V660 Carb Every thing about this cigar is top notch goes well with KnobCreek single barrel 5 5 1
V660 Carb This spicy full bodied cigar is not for the faint of heart or taste. A good hour to 90 minute smoke made to be enjoyed with a cocktail. 4 5 1
V660 Carb Excellent draw and flavor at the midpoint. 5 5 1
V660 Carb Great taste, smooth draw. Awesome 👍 5 5 1
V660 Carb Well constructed and a great smoke for watching football 4 5 1
V660 Carb This is one of my favorite cigars. The flavor is outstanding. 5 5 1

CAO Flathead

V660 Carb 6 × 60 CV660

This full bodied CAO Flathead V660 Carb cigar is a definite must have. A 60 ring gauge rolled in a box pressed and then covered with a premium broadleaf wrapper. Smooth and spicy, this CAO Flathead 660 is an excellent addition to the humidor and under the hood. Packaged in a box of 24.
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Box Pressed Parejo

Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Habano


Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


Box of 24

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