4.0 20
Double Corona CAO Gold is a nice mild cigar that’s perfect for the morning. Definitely recommended for any beginner as well. 4 5 1
Double Corona A CAO classic to be certain! One of the brand' first cigars is definitely one of their best to this day! 4 5 1
Double Corona This is one of those that is smooth but flavors tend to stay very flat and very one dimensional 3 5 1
Double Corona Use to be a big fan of the CAO gold but not so much any more as this past order the cigars were poorly constructed and not the smooth smoke I had grown accustomed to with this ciagar. 2 5 1
Double Corona Very nice cigars for the price. Subtle notes of nutty flavors and has a spice that isnt too overwhelming 5 5 1
Double Corona Cao gold double Corona is befitting of two crowns that is for sure it has a nice Mellow smoothness that is very relaxing 4 5 1
Double Corona Cao cigars are consistently smlkth and easy to smoke. Thick smoke full if flavor throughout. Great company 4 5 1
Double Corona Great ,consistent, smoke. 5 5 1
Double Corona Love the size and the wrapper is absolutely world class CAOs darker wrappers just are more satisfying A little bland but if you like creamy it works 4 5 1
Double Corona This cao gold corona is so nice of a stick mellow mild tomed stick have to say really nice daily stick good price would love to keep more of these 3 5 1
Double Corona The Gold is a nice mild to medium blend with some red pepper spice and barnyard sweet hay / grass aroma along with a hint of almond undertone. This is a great cigar for the beginner 3 5 1
Double Corona This is one of my first cigars and one of my favorite mild cigars. Big good flavor although from time to time I get a box that the cigars inside have wrapper issues but man I love me some double corona. Very good mild cigar. This is the one I started my wife in her cigar smoking career lol 5 5 1
Double Corona Very well made cigar with a slow burn solid ash and good draw. Flavor is medium body with some tastey cedar and spice. Thus us a good long smoke and I liked it. 4 5 1
Double Corona While nite a huge fan of this brand this cigar wasn't terrible to me with notes of spice and learner and easy smooth deep smoke. 4 5 1
Double Corona Not a fan of the CAO Gold. The construction is great and the burn is razor sharp. That's where it ends. The flavor is not good at all. It's got extremely bitter taste and a hint of classic tobacco. 3 5 1
Double Corona This cigar is smooth as silk at a great price! 5 5 1
Double Corona Very mild cigar easy draw, it’s a quick smoke. 4 5 1
Double Corona Well made , flavorful smoke. 5 5 1
Double Corona Everyday go to. Very consistent, smooth mold to medium smoke. 5 5 1
Double Corona havent had them 4 a while still a vgood smooth smoke 4 5 1

CAO Gold

Double Corona 7.50 × 54 CGLDC

CAO Gold Double Corona cigars come adorned an elegant, top quality Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper that conceals a core of the choicest Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos. Gold was one of the first CAO blends to receive a well-deserved 91-rating, thus putting the brand on the map. One touch and you can feel the pristine construction, but in terms of taste, you can expect a rich, smooth, mellow-to medium bodied smoke that delivers bursts of white pepper, backed by lively notes of cedar, leather, and natural sweetness. Order a box of 20 online from JR Cigar and discover one of the all-time classic blends in the CAO brand portfolio.

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Ecuador Connecticut




Mellow - Medium


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