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The CAO Amazon could easily be called one of the most uniquecigars of the year. After all, with this bold new blend, CAO has unleashed atruly exotic cigar straight from the Amazon rainforest.

The CAO Amazon uses a limited tobacco called “Braganca” foundin the Amazon Basin rainforest, which is harvested only once every three years.There’s nothing else like it. Once picked, the tobacco leaves are transportedto factories by canoe, then finally converted and hand rolled into cigars. Tocall these cigars ‘rare’ would be an overwhelming understatement. In fact, CAOproduces just 2,000 cedar boxes of 18 cigars.

Further, the Braganca is combined with tobaccos from fiveother countries in order to develop a truly unique filler blend, creating infull a bold, zesty, and spicy flavor profile. Outside, the CAO Amazon iswrapped in an oily Ecuadorian Sumatra ligero – which features a twisted tobaccoband, symbolizing old Brazilian rolling methods – and bound in a Nicaraguanbinder.

This hearty, medium to full-bodied gem produces anunforgettable smoking experience that’ll keep your palate satisfied through andthrough. Get yours before they’re gone.

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