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JR Glass-Top Wood Humidor With Hygrometer I love the box it is beautiful and the glass top makes it easy to see the contents without opening the humidifier works fantastic and the gauge is about as accurate as you can get . I have had several very good comments on it plus the wow factor when the hear the cost 4 5 1
JR Glass-Top Wood Humidor With Hygrometer After seasoning the humidor to 80%, I loaded it with cigars and was not able to get it to hold humidity. I filled out the on-line customer support form, explaining the problem and asking what to do. The form said I should expect a reply within two business days. That was 5 days ago. I have not had any form of reply! Using the propylene glycol insert provided, the humidor held about 50% humidity. I achieved 68% humidity with 10 cigars that had been in another humidor at 70% after a week by adding two small half full water glasses. It appears a 70% humidity reading would require another small glass of water. Unfortunately, the water glasses take valuable storage space and limit movement of the humidor to avoid water spills. The top has minimal friction and opens very easily. And, it appears there are air leaks around the hygrometer hole. The box is attractive. Unfortunately, based on my experience as presented above, a score of one star is generous. A humidor that does not hold humidity supported by unresponsive customer service is an indication to me that I need to shop elsewhere to find an acceptable product. 1 5 1
JR Glass-Top Wood Humidor With Hygrometer Won this box on Beat The Dealer. Box has numerous cosmetic flaws on outside. Looks like it will keep your cigars just fine but definately not a show piece. 2 5 1
JR Glass-Top Wood Humidor With Hygrometer Looks hand made with slight cosmetic flaws which I like about it.Season it and has been holding between 65% to 70% on the hygrometer but I have yet to check the hygrometer's calibration. Could not go wrong for the price. 4 5 1
JR Glass-Top Wood Humidor With Hygrometer It does what it supposed to. Holds a good amount of sticks and keeps the humidity where it needs to be. A+ 5 5 1

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JR Glass-Top Wood Humidor With Hygrometer 3H25G

Our popular Glass Top Humidor with JR Logo features a high- polished dark cherry wood finish, a see- thru glass top emblazoned with our classy emblem, and an aromatic, kiln-dried aged Spanish cedar lining to enhance further aging. The included humidifier will keep your smokes perfectly fresh and ready to smoke, and the external brass hygrometer conveniently located on the front of the box not only adds a touch of class, but its accurate, and very easy to read. A wonderful addition to any home or office, this handsome and surprisingly affordable humidor will visibly display up to 25 of your favorite premium pleasures.

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