3.5 8
Bally Hygrometer does not work, nor calibrate. I'm using with a digital hygrometer instead. JR cannot send a replacement hygrometer, so advised I return the whole humidor. 2 5 1
Bally A terrific Humidor at a terrific price. A Great Value! 4 5 1
Bally This humidor took 3-4 days to get going . If you don't have patience you are out of luck. Great purchase for me 5 5 1
Bally The hydrometer is junk. It’s plastic and falls out every time I close the lid (pressure). Took over a week to season. 1 5 1
Bally Looks beautiful, seals well and holds a lot of cigars. Can’t beat it for the price. 4 5 1
Bally Excellent product. Now just to keep it filled... 5 5 1
Bally I have loaded this with about 50 cigars. Have 69% packets which is keeping it at 66-68%. But it's new...Analog hygrometer doesn't work. I picked up a nice digital one at Walmart for $11. Satisfied with purchase at a cost of $65-$70. 4 5 1
Bally The included hygrometer doesn't work. Very few times does it say anything other than "40%", when I have 2 different digital ones that agree the humidity is much higher. It's really disheartening Other than that, I really have no problems with it. Thankfully the top is glass, so I can just put a digital one in there and see it without opening it. The lock is enough to keep young kids out, not much use out of that. 3 5 1

Cigar Humidors

Bally 3HBALY

The stunning BALLY 100 Count Humidor holds up to 100 Cigars with a glass top lid to see those special smokes come to life. The Bally is finished in exotic Bubinga wood, and features a stainless steel plated external hygrometer. Air-dried, aromatic Spanish cedar lines the inside of this beautifully crafted box, that also features a premium quality humidifier. Easy to maintain, and a joy to behold, this is a humidor you will be proud to own.

The Bally Cigar Humidor has the following features:
•Spanish Cedar
•Glass Top
•Key Lock
•External Hygrometer
•100 Cigar Capacity
•Finishes: Bubinga / Black
•Dimensions: 13 3/4 x 10 x 6 ½

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