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Old World Really well made humidor. After seasoning it seals well and holds humidity at 72. I also use 2 humidity sticks as well as what it came with. Looks great too. I would recommend. 5 5 1
Old World Just got this humidor on auction. Very well made. Easy to season. Holding a consistent 73 with the humidifier that came with it and a stick humidifier in the bottom. Didn't count the cigars but it's full of drew estates sticks. Has a key a and plate that can be engraved. Highly recommend especially if you can get it with a price on auction 5 5 1
Old World Love it 5 5 1
Old World This was for my son and it was a bit hit, as was the cigars themselves 5 5 1
Old World I purchased this humidor because I was running out of room in my 50 count. I don't like to over fill my humidors to let the sticks breathe a little. The seal is pretty good when I lock it, and I don't need to keep charging the humidifier all the time. It keeps my smokes at a constant 68% even though I open it 3 or 4 times a day. Since I live in the mountains the ambient humidity is very dry, about 35% or less. It really looks great, but not too overstated. 5 5 1
Old World Beware before you buy a humidor from here!!!! Bought this Old World Humidor on June 9th 2022 to upgrade my capacity. Arrived the following Monday. I unboxed it and set it up to season it. Was seasoned and holding humidity. Was happy how it looked/worked. Loaded it up with the cigars I just bought with it. Opened it last Sunday, Father's Day, to enjoy a cigar. The magnets had separated from the humidifier and the humidifier was laying in the top tray. Called customer service. They are happy to replace it, except, they won't replace it until I send this one back. Problem, I no longer have the box it came in so I'll have to buy a box to send it back. I then have to wait until they decide to send me another one, which could take a couple of weeks with turnaround and shipping. I am two weeks without storage for the 50 cigars I bought with it. Their solution, put them in a zip lock bag and in the freezer. Oh and If I had bought a significantly cheaper one, they have no problem sending the replacement first. Ridiculous!! I can get better customer service if I had bought it from Amazon. 1 5 1
Old World I am very happy with this humidor. It looks great, it is well made, and it is holding a constant 69% humidity. I am using Boveda packs instead of the provided humidifier. 5 5 1

Cigar Humidors

Old World 3HOLD

Providing room for up to 100 cigars, this eye-catching desktop humidor features an antique distressed walnut finish with an old-world map veneer. It is cedar-lined with a felt bottom, and includes a humidifier, a gold-toned glass analog hygrometer, and a cedar tray with divider. SureSeal® technology ensures that the lid closes properly each and every time to protect your smokes.

Exterior Dimensions
Length: 13.625 inches
Width: 10 inches
Height: 6.5 inches
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