How Do Cigar Samplers Work?

July 14, 2021

How Do Cigar Samplers Work?

If you are new to smoking cigars, you may see the term ‘cigar sampler’ being tossed around. You may be wondering, what are cigar samplers? Why should you buy a sampler instead of a box or a bunch of singles? What are the benefits of getting a cigar sampler? What is a good cigar sampler for a beginner?

Well, today is your lucky day because this article will give you an overview of our expansive selection of affordable cigar samplers and curate a list of a few that are perfect for beginner smokers like you!

How Do Cigar Samplers Work?

What Are Cigar Samplers?

A cigar sampler is a collection of anywhere between three to over 20 or even 50 cigars from several different brands and manufacturers. Sometimes there are also samplers that are of a single blend but contain several vitolas of the blend, so you can get fully acquainted with a particular blend of top-shelf tobaccos.

Samplers can also include accessories like a lighter, cutter, or even a humidor to go along with the smokes, sweetening the deal.

A cheap cigar sampler can also be a great way to try out a bunch of different manufacturers and countries of origin so you can find a favorite, hence the name ‘sampler’ from getting to sample without commitment to a box.

A cigar sampler can also contain several blends from a single manufacturer, allowing the lucky recipient to test their palate and experience several new and unique blends that no other cigar maker can capture. A cigar sampler is certainly a budding aficionado’s key to the cigar kingdom!

Popular Cigar Samplers For Beginners

I am sure you do not want to just know about cigar samplers, you want to know which ones are most suitable for a beginner like you! Do not fret, we have got you covered. Here is a brief list of some of the best cigar samplers for beginner smokers just getting their feet wet in the world of handmade premium cigars!

How Do Cigar Samplers Work?

Happy Hour Favorites Collection

Get a whopping 15 smooth and savory cigars at an unbelievably affordable price with the Happy Hour Favorites Collection. Containing five top-rated blends ranging from mellow to medium-bodied and with 3 cigars per blend, you are certain to find a manufacturer that pleases your growing palate.

Enjoy three of the Black Abyss Connecticut, Montecristo Classic, Baccarat, Rocky Patel Freedom Connecticut, and Camacho Connecticut. These offerings come from some of the largest and most famous cigar companies on the planet, so once you try out these gems you should check out some of these prestigious brands’ other offerings!

Dominican Master Sampler

Dominican tobaccos are renounced for their smooth, rich, and creamy flavors, and Altadis USA has the perfect assortment of cigars for you to explore this amazing tobacco country with the Dominican Master Sampler. Featuring one stick from 10 popular Altadis blends, you will get a full breadth of the incredibly good flavors that Dominican leaf provides.

Including blends from Casa Blanca, Montecristo, Casa de Garcia, and Romeo y Julieta, with most of them lying between mellow-medium to medium-bodied, you have plenty of blends to find your Altadis favorite! The Dominican Master Sampler also contains a couple of medium-full bodied offerings so you can test your palate and start experiencing some bolder smokes.

How Do Cigar Samplers Work?

Perdomo 4-Pack Humidified Connecticut Sampler

Perdomo is another famous manufacturer that has a following of loyal aficionados, most notably for their barrel-aging process and rich, bold flavors, but the Perdomo 4-Pack Humidified Connecticut Sampler is an excellent way to get acquainted with Perdomo’s softer side without the need for a humidor.

You can enjoy four of Perdomo’s smoothest blends, with one smoke each of the Lot 23 Connecticut, Habano Connecticut, Grand Cru 2006 Connecticut, and the 10th Anniversary Champagne which features Perdomo’s signature barrel-aged tobaccos. And at just $30, this cheap cigar sampler is simply a steal of a deal.

JR’s Build Your Own Sampler

If none of these samplers pique your interest, then you can create your own sampler with JR Cigars Create Your Own Samplers! With this incredible deal, you can choose to create your own 10-count sampler by choosing from an array of top-shelf blends from the most famous brands. You can choose between two tiers, $39.95 and $49.95, and any two 5-packs from the list of options.

At the time of writing, I suggest a beginner go with the Montecristo White Series and the Oliva Serie V Melanio (a bolder, but refined top-rated smoke) from Formidable Fives 1, and from Formidable Fives 2 I recommend the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 and the Macanudo Hyde Park, one of the most popular smokes on the market!

How Do Cigar Samplers Work?

Benefits of Cigar Samplers

With every sampler mentioned being $50 or less, it is clear that premium cigar samplers give you the best bang for your buck. Several of the individual cigars discussed can go for close to $10 per stick, and especially in the case of the Happy Hour Favorites Collection, on their own the cigars would cost almost three times as much as the sampler itself.

Cigar samplers also give you the opportunity to try several different blends, manufacturers, and countries of origin to expand and test your palate. The sweet cherry on top of it all is that when you order your cigar samplers online with JR Cigars, you know you will be getting the best deals on the web. Order one that we have suggested on this list, or this one, or explore our immense catalog of samplers!


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