4.833333333333333 12
Menthol Good tobacco. 5 5 1
Menthol Amazing product. I continue to re-order. 5 5 1
Menthol I can be always to make more cigarettes very easy and I love to smoke it very perfect. Thanks! 5 5 1
Menthol Wonderful Menthol taste I think better than Cheyenne Menthol. 5 5 1
Menthol Had smooth taste and was pleasant. However after smoking it for just a few days, ended up with a lot of chest congestion, coughing...so stopped using. 3 5 1
Menthol I really love to smoke good pipe tobacco menthol by I have made myself more cigarettes. Thanks! 5 5 1
Menthol Great product for the price! 5 5 1
Menthol great product. 5 5 1
Menthol great tobacco good menthol flavor. 5 5 1
Menthol I always enjoy your products. Fast efficient service always 5 5 1
Menthol I'm a regular, pack a day smoker, and have been using Arrowhead Menthol Pipe Tobacco for about a year now. I buy it for making RYO (roll your own) cigarettes in my Powermatic 2 electric machine, or my Top-O-Matic hand crank machine, using either Gambler, Golden Harvest, Sago, or Criss Cross Menthol tubes with filters, depending what is cheap, and available locally. I have best results with Criss Cross tubes I get for an average price of about $1.69 a box of 200. I have no complaints about Arrowhead at $7.95 a bag, which I get a little less than 2 cartons from a 16 oz. bag. Compared to many other budget prices brand tobacco, it's not quite as harsh. Not as good as Criss Cross Smooth, or some other more expensive ones, but certainly better than most cheaper brands, many of which have been terrible. About equal to Good Stuff. One thing most people will find after smoking RYO cigarettes, is they generally taste better, last longer, you smoke less, and get a more satisfying, less harsh smoke. Even the worst RYO cigarettes are better than any packaged, ridiculously expensive, store bought cigarettes. I am about to put in my next order of 10 bags. Making RYO cigarettes can be time consuming, monotonous work, but will save you money. 5 5 1

Arrowhead Pipe Tobacco

Menthol 11AHM

Arrowhead Pipe Tobacco Menthol features a blend of smooth air-cured Burley, and sweet flue-cured Virginia to provide a mellow, nutty, and creamy smoke, enhanced with top notes of invigorating menthol. . Arrowhead Menthol is manufactured by the Cherokee Tobacco Company in Virginia, makers of the bestselling value priced pipe tobacco on the market today. Buy a super affordable 16 oz. bag from JR Cigar and discover a menthol pipe tobacco that can be enjoyed all day long without any harshness or tongue bite.

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