4.866666666666666 15
Red I use this for rolling my cigs and it works great. Nice mild flavor and the tobacco is always fresh! Timely deliveries. The only suggestion I would make would be to spread some of the tobacco out on a platter about 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time to dry it out so it goes through the rolling machine better. 5 5 1
Red I was typically smoking Cigars but as my budget got tighter I decided to give domestic pipe tobacco a try. Not too bad, not too bad at all. Pretty Smooth, slight natural sweetness, light smoke, almost zero bite. At the price you certainly cannot go wrong! 5 5 1
Red I use this for rolling my own smokes. Good flavor, not to harsh. Always fresh and delivered within a few days. Can't beat the price. 5 5 1
Red This is one of the smoothest smoking I/We have tasted to date. The only reason for the 4 star is smell while burning stinks at first but gotten use to it now. 4 5 1
Red Good service 5 5 1
Red Great flavors and if you keep the bag sealed it stays very fresh. Great big bag. 5 5 1
Red Best rolling tobacco. Moisture is great, not dry and not dripping. Price is great. I usually get 3.5 cartons to the 1lb bag. Good flavor, smooth, easy rolling. Very few twigs/branches/trees in the bag. I've been using close to 4 years now. No plans to change. 5 5 1
Red Best prices and speedy delivery . 5 5 1
Red Best tobacco company out there! Timely shipping is everything! 5 5 1
Red I have been smoking this tobacco for about a year now. PROS. Great taste, Burns evenly, Packs well with my machine, Great price, Always in stock. CONS. Stinks to high heaven! If you smoke inside this is not the tobacco for you. If you smoke a lot this is not the tobacco for you. People will start telling you that you stink. It's a shame because other than the odor this would be the perfect RYO tobacco. 4 5 1
Red I have bought cigars from JR since Lew kept my address on a 3x5 card. Always good service. 5 5 1
Red Thank you ! 5 5 1
Red Great price and service! Thank you 🙂 5 5 1
Red Great consumer buy! Good flavor and shipped on time!! Can't ask for better!!! :) 5 5 1
Red Never met a smoker that does not love this. Smokes fine. Good taste. Lights well. Stays lit. Smells good. 5 5 1

Cheyenne Fine-Cut Tobacco

Red 11CHR

Cheyenne Red blends the best air-cured Virginia tobaccos with a pinch of Burley. The slow burning goodness makes this a robust, flavorful and reasonably priced brand. No wonder it's America’s choice domestic tobacco.
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