4.15 60
No. 7 Just bought a box of my favorite stick! Can’t wait for it to arrive. Aloha! 5 5 1
No. 7 This used to be my go to cigar. I wrote previous reviews praising the product. But unfortunately my last two orders have been a disappointment. There was significant inconsistency in the box. Several of the cigars had issues with burn and draw. Many of the cigars had uneven burn characteristics and draw problems. With some of the cigars draw was so difficult that I had to use a finishing nail to break through the dense packing. These are not the most expensive cigar but for $200 a box I expected far better. Ordered on more box to see if there is an improvement. If not I need to find one that lives up to its price. 2 5 1
No. 7 Beautiful cigar. One of my favorites. Medium body. Well constructed cigar. I always keep a few of these around 5 5 1
No. 7 This is a great cigar wonderful flavor nice and spicey great oily wrapper burn was a bit uneven but really good 4 5 1
No. 7 I won a box of these in a raffle at a gentlemans trade club last month! I was thrilled because I have never had this cigar ! Me and my friends enjoyed a this stick that evening and even got told not to smoke on patio! F .. m lol 5 5 1
No. 7 Just had my first one over the weekend art a wedding. Nice bold flavor. A little harsh at the end but still well worth trying. 5 5 1
No. 7 Has a nice peppery slightly woody maduro wrapper. A strong hearty cigar not one for everyday. 4 5 1
No. 7 This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: wood leather citrus pepper. This is a good cigar with a long finish. Even burn and huge ring size. 3 5 1
No. 7 This cigar provides you a great tasting smoke. The draw is easy from the beginning until the end. With a mild flavor this cigar is the perfect way to end a great dinner 4 5 1
No. 7 Tremendously flavorful. Great tastes of baking spice cedar and coffee. I tend to smoke a few of the a week. Great smoke morning or night. 4 5 1
No. 7 The Cubana Series R #7 is an amazing full bodied cigar which meets the need of someone who wants good flavor but also full bodied. 4 5 1
No. 7 LA Gloria Cubana serie R Number Seven is a cigar with special memories for me. My grandpappy bought me one of these a while back and gave me some advice. He said Son don't ever get married. So I left the shrew I was with and I've been happy since. So he gave me the good advice and a great cigar. 3 5 1
No. 7 I'm a big fan of all the LGC Series R cigars. This is a great smoke for when you have a nice amou t of time to relax. 4 5 1
No. 7 Terribly inconsistent and does not age well. A dark oily stick when you get a good one the flavors are of roasted coffee leather and spice. Bad stick are plentiful and the good ones are rare 3 5 1
No. 7 A very earthy stick. its hot strong notes of wood and pepper. Hints of tangy citrus. Its a strong cigar with lots of body. Not for a newbie. But the flavor is good. Just too strong for me b 4 5 1
No. 7 This is an awesome smoke! From first draw to the last this one is amazingly consistent and smooth. I need to buy a box of these ASAP 5 5 1
No. 7 You can't go wrong with this smoke...lives up to its name..great draw..very consistent..very flavorful... 5 5 1
No. 7 This dark beauty has a rich smooth earthy flavor that goes excellent with a nice scotch. 5 5 1
No. 7 Nice bold smoke medium-full body strength smooth burn with a somewhat tight draw overall very good stick. 4 5 1
No. 7 My favorite cigar. I enjoy full bodied cigars and this one delivers. Tastes great and smells great. Some people don't enjoy this cigar because it's too oily or too strong for them. Gave one to my boss who enjoys acid cigars and he loved it. 5 5 1
No. 7 This is quite the formidable cigar when you line it up with some of the best cigars in the business 5 5 1
No. 7 Not a huge fan of this cigar. It was too Mild with a sour finish. The construction was poor and the draw was a little rough. 3 5 1
No. 7 It is a LGC!!! What can u say great stick!!! My first choice in everyday smokes! 5 5 1
No. 7 This is a nice heavy full bodied smoke great construction and burn taste is spot on 4 5 1
No. 7 Not overly aggressive on the pepper but you definetly know its there. Wood and earth tone taste are really pleasant with a sweet drink 5 5 1
No. 7 Flavor bomb right here. Tons of rich flavors on the pallet. A stick that is always a treat to smoke. Buy these and smoke them. 4 5 1
No. 7 ThIs La Gloria series R always delivers. You will never go wrong keeping a box or two of these cigars in your humidor. It has a outstanding drawburnashsmokeflavor and finish. Lite one up and enjoy a Jefferson bourbon. 5 5 1
No. 7 For my tastes this cigar was ok. It was constructed well and had a decent draw but for me the flavor wasnt there. 3 5 1
No. 7 These were not that great and I do believe that every cigars deserves a second try. 2 5 1
No. 7 Very well made very full flavor. These sticks are strong! Definitely an afer-dinner-with-a-drink cigar! 4 5 1
No. 7 The La Gloria Cubana Serie R is good but can be strong straight out of the cellophane packaging. 4 5 1
No. 7 Very nice affordable stick. Does burn well and has a good flavor to the cigar also 5 5 1
No. 7 Classic is the best word to describe this beautifully crafted work of art. Try one for yourself. I keep these in my rotation. 4 5 1
No. 7 Great smoke with deep dark flavor... I'd even go as far as to call it complex. I've had quite a few of these sticks and they never let me down. 5 5 1
No. 7 LGC Serie R is seriously amazing. Dark flawless wrapper with minimal veins. Nice smooth draw with a pretty even burn. 5 5 1
No. 7 Always Magnificent 5 5 1
No. 7 Always fresh and a great 2 hour cigar that’s robust in flavor ! 5 5 1
No. 7 I was expecting more but I’m confused I liked the taste but the construction was shoty . The draw was good threw the first half then went downhill from there. 3 5 1
No. 7 The series on is a Powerhouse of flavors without being too harsh. I love the 90 nutmeg coffee lightsabers from the 5th to the second third a very nice. Hannaford website in body but still not too much and not too little very nice cigar with suggest smoking this after a nice meal great choice. 2 5 1
No. 7 This dark tasty treat is so oily it will make you break out. BUT YOU MOKE IT ANYWAY because it's amazing and you like the taste. 5 5 1
No. 7 The la Gloria cubana series r Is an awesome cigar. Clouds of smoke and a nice coffee and earth profile. 5 5 1
No. 7 Great to share with a friend or group of friends anywhere anytime. Be aware it's a two hour smoke that will be enjoyed and talked about like no other cigar. 5 5 1
No. 7 The Serie R is a decent smoke with some darker flavors. Its smooth yet has some strength to it. This might not knock your socks off but it also shouldn't be overlooked. 3 5 1
No. 7 A very enjoyable cigar! The nice big ring gage keeps this cigar smoking smooth and easy! Nice woodsy flavors abound with this cigar. The maduro wrapper boasts a subtle sweetness that is like frosting. I really enjoy these at the end of the day. 4 5 1
No. 7 By far one of the best cigars on the market. Priced nicely for this exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Rich flavors. 5 5 1
No. 7 This one was fine. Nothing that really jumps out at you but a serviceable cigar for a good price. 3 5 1
No. 7 Good cigar and the maduro is great I just recently picked up another 10 pack and waiting to be smoked again 4 5 1
No. 7 Lagloria is a fine cigar and the R series is a favorite of mine bold yet smooth flavor is love it. 4 5 1
No. 7 Great Cigar. Tons of dark cocoa and earthy flavors off of this one. One of the best Gloria Cubanas in my opinion. 4 5 1
No. 7 This la Gloria cubana series 7 is a great cigar with deep sense smoke and big flavors 5 5 1
No. 7 This is an amazing cigar! The wrapper is very oily and quite delicious! This stogy burns slow cool and even 4 5 1
No. 7 A power house not for the faint of heart. This packs a delicious full bodied punch. Best with a good beverage to temper this one. Great construction and even burn beautiful looking cigar. 5 5 1
No. 7 The Greatest cigar ever! I have been smoking La Gloria Maduros for years and have never found a more satisfying smoke 5 5 1
No. 7 I recently received an offer from JR on these cigars with a price that seemed too good to be true. I normally smoke the lower-priced Serie N from La Gloria, and have bought MANY boxes of them from JR. When I saw the deal being offered on these Serie R's, I gladly jumped on the deal and bought two boxes of them. So far, I have smoked two of them and both of them have been very loosely packed and had an overly easy draw. The first one was kind of an irregular shape as well. The cigars I received are nowhere near as good as the Serie R examples I've smoked from other vendors in the past. On another note, a while back, I also ordered a Cigar Oasis XL and was disappointed to receive a cheaper, older model than what I had paid for. I didn't send it back because I figured it was just a simple mistake by JR and tried to overlook the error. I hope this is not a sign of what to expect in the future. I will buy occasionally buy La Gloria Cubana Serie R's, and will regularly buy a lot of Serie N's in the future. I just hope things get better and that I don't have to start buying them from another company. 2 5 1
No. 7 Love the cigars !! 5 5 1
No. 7 Like manna from heaven is this cigar. Fires easily and right off hits a complex blend of flavors. This full bodied cigar revolves around a rich warm earth and espresso core. As you get into it, it then wraps deep dark chocolate with some pepper to its profile. It can have a hard draw at times, but anything worthwhile is worth the effort. 5 5 1
No. 7 Consistent flavor and taste throughout the box 5 5 1
No. 7 Good product consent 5 5 1
No. 7 My largest complaint is that these cigars, (La Gloria Maduros), are, too often, sold out or back ordered. If this is due to the popularity of these cigars then the company should adjust their production. What is happening now is that it seems that they are “rushing” the process ie. wrapping not consistent with some loose or too tight. Better inspections of end product is needed. 4 5 1
No. 7 Absurd customer service...LIKE TALKING TO 10 YEAR OLDS. Order was lost...now I have to wait another 14 days according to JR customer service (?)...OH, NO I DON'T!!! What is going to happen here now is that their loyal customer, Steve (that's me) will call his bank and file a claim...in which case I will have my funds tomorrow. So, instead of making a customer happy, JR now looses a customer they who was once a "Lifetime Customer." Good luck in replacing my business JR!!! 1 5 1

La Gloria Cubana Serie R

No. 7 7 × 58 LGSR73

This popular big dark black beauty will bowl you over with tons of rich, spicy flavor. La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 7 has the darkest of dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers that are just shimmering with oil. You may want to free up your calendar to tackle this one! Packaged in a box of 24.
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Connecticut Broadleaf


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic



Box of 24

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