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If you have not yet tried a cigar from the Montecristo White Series, you are surely missing out on one of the most iconic premium blends on the market today. After its initial release in 2007 as a more flavorful option compared to the Montecristo Classic, the White Series quickly took hold as one of the most popular cigars in the country.

Montecristo White Series cigars are reminiscent of the original Montecristo that was introduced by Alonso Menendez and Pepe Garcia all the way back in 1935. In those times, cigar rollers were read to by a lector who read the news and novels as they worked, and the workers at Menendez’s and Garcia’s factory were particularly fond of the famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. Shortly after that, the iconic Montecristo brand we all know and love was born.

Today, the Montecristo White Series, along with many other top-rated Montecristo blends, are rolled by hand at Tabacalera Garcia in the Dominican Republic. To create a smoke that is not shy with flavor but also finely balanced and smooth, the blending needs to be elegant. The White Series features a core of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers, a hearty Nicaraguan binder, and a top-shelf Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, and the results speak for themselves.

You will savor a rich yet balanced and tame medium-bodied smoke that carries a bouquet of coffee, leather, cocoa, cream, and touches of baking spice that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Smooth for the novice and flavorful enough for an experienced palate, you will want these gems in your humidor no matter your experience level.

Available in many popular sizes and offered in several packaging quantities to best fit your budget, add some Montecristo White Series cigars to your collection by ordering them online today right here at JR Cigar.

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