4.794117647058823 34
Kings Smooth tasting cigar that I truly enjoy. Great flavor that I enjoy throughout the day and evening. 5 5 1
Kings I've been smoking Baccarat for nearly twenty years and still enjoy them regularly. 5 5 1
Kings They are great a little sweat at first then mild all the way down. Good cigar. 5 5 1
Kings Sweet tip. Even burn. Best price from JR. My go to cigar for 20 + years As an aside.... I remember reading the article in the JR catalogue years ago about the pipe/cigar issue with General Grant. I tell that cigar history story to friends and new acquaintances since I read it. I’ve enjoyed cigars since 1995. Dallas, TX...The Old Warsaw...now THAT’S a story! Jim Wittler Loyal Customer 5 5 1
Kings Hands down a great light body cigar... Not a budget smoke yet not a big buck smoke either... Soft yet with smooth passionate even flavor... I keep ordering this smoke because I keep going back to it after others disappoint... 5 5 1
Kings Baccarat Kings Like the slow burn easy draw and mild taste. It's me go too when I have time and want to enjoy the evening. 5 5 1
Kings This is a great mild cigar for after breakfast with coffee. It smokes for about an hour (They burn a bit fast due to the light weight and loose roll). delicious and satisfying. If the price goes up again however these will no longer be a value. 5 5 1
Kings I like the Churchill a little better but still a good smoke. the Kings don't hold together as well as the Churchill or toro. great value for a big cigar 4 5 1
Kings This my favorite cigar and I've tried several. It has smooth easy draw that brings out that little bit of sweetness in the wrapper and it has the best mild flavor that I've ever enjoyed in a cigar. 5 5 1
Kings Great smoking cigar mild and a great flavor. I would like the price to be $10 less all the time 4 5 1
Kings This is a very nice mellow cigar it is long great burn very nice flavor great draw very relaxing long smoke five stars 5 5 1
Kings The flavor was very good with a light sweetness on the on the wrapper; however, several of the cigars seemed rather dry and difficult the draw. 4 5 1
Kings I like a long break on the back porch in the late afternoon/ early evening. The Baccarat King is perfect for the occasion. The 8.5 inch cigar can be enjoyed for up to 2 hours. It’s mild enough that a 2-hour cigar is still not too much. 5 5 1
Kings My favorite cigar, great flavor, excellent burn, highly recommended. 5 5 1
Kings I sit in my backyard by my koi pond and waterfall with my kindle and one of these wonderful cigars. They burn evenly and keep me going for at least an hour and a half. In Florida I start enjoying it after breakfast in the summer and after lunch in the winter. 5 5 1
Kings Baccarat cigars are awesome. Smooth, mild, even burn, and a sweet taste added to the end. What more could you ask for?? BTW, JR cigars is awesome also! 5 5 1
Kings Awesome as always!! 5 5 1
Kings These are great a nice sweet and mild cigar with a cool on spot burn. Outstanding! 5 5 1
Kings Baccarat Kings are the best! Been buying these for years. Draw and burn are always perfect. Have smoked 5 or 6 boxes in the last year and had only 2 cigars that I could not smoke, Good percentage, Great size for 18 holes of golf. In the last year or so other brands have gone down hill, Covid ? Not these they are still the same Great smoke.. Great job JR! 5 5 1
Kings This is my cigar but you have to have time. As an aside, when I'm out of Rothschild's I have cut a king in half! Two smokes for one. 5 5 1
Kings I enjoy this cigar on so many levels! It is sweet, mild and enjoys an excellent draw and consistency. It burns nicely. You will not be disappointed. 5 5 1
Kings Favorite Cigar. Make sure you have an time to smoke this cigar. It’s literally gonna take you an hr or better to smoke this cigar. You don’t have to continue to light it once it’s lite. Great Flavor & burns evenly. 5 5 1
Kings Great long lasting good tasting cigar 5 5 1
Kings Good flavor, touch of sweetness. Clean burn. Medium strength. Good price. 5 5 1
Kings These are my go to cigars. Burn well and last a long time.. I do like the lighter wrapper slightly better 5 5 1
Kings Baccarats are the best! And the only place to buy them Is JR cigars. Hands down the best cigar site going!! 5 5 1
Kings Good burning smoke, nice balanced blends. And your the envy of all the 5x50’s. 😎 5 5 1
Kings Great cigar 5 5 1
Kings The outer layer seems to come off about halfway through the smoke. Don’t know why this is. That’s the only thing I didn’t like about the cigar. 4 5 1
Kings Great cigar for golf - goes about 12 to 14 holes 5 5 1
Kings Not bad but will not purchase again. A few out of the box had cracks in them. Good flavor just not able to smoke all cigars from the box. 4 5 1
Kings This is my go to brand. These are nice flavored cigars. They usually smoke well but of late I am finding that they are inconsistent with the draw. For the price of these you should not have to contend with an excessively tight draw. 4 5 1
Kings Baccarat Kings cigar provides a very enjoyable smoking experience. The cold taste is good, sweet even, for this cigar has a sweetened cap. Once lit, the cigar provides notes of honey, cream, and light spice. The construction and consistency are excellent. The cigar never gets harsh. The sole issue is that, unlike the slow burn advertised by JR on this cigar's webpage, I found it burned very quickly. It lasted only about 45 minutes. One would expect a 8 and a half inch cigar to burn much longer. Yet, especially for the price, this cigar is a keeper. 4 5 1
Kings they were great 5 5 1


Kings 8.50 × 52 BCK

This very popular cigar is noted for its long, slow burn. This 8.5 inch, long Baccarat is sure to fill the time with elegant aromas and sweet flavors. It is rolled using aged Honduran tobaccos and a light brown Honduran Connecticut leaf. Its gum cap provides a sweet little finish, while its filler gives a taste of wheat, and cocoa. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25.
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