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Add this beauty to your humidor the next time you crave the sunshine and exoticism of the southern hemisphere. Baccarat cigars are handmade in Honduras in order to combine the heavenly climate with the nutrient-rich earth, resulting in ideal growing conditions for full-bodied tobacco. Blended with rich cocoa, nutmeg and a touch of wheat, the Baccarat cigars are highly esteemed for their balanced mellow-medium strength, mouth-wateringly sweet taste and gum cap, and the seductively smooth smoking experience they provide. The Baccarat brand of cigars is rooted in the world-class Rancho Jamastran factory in Honduras, and uses binders that hail from Mexico. The results are an affordably priced smoke that provides first-rate taste and satisfaction. Order the handmade Baccarat cigar today as a single, in a slightly larger pack or even a box or cedar chest of 25.
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