Baccarat Nicaragua Cigar Review

August 4, 2020

Baccarat Nicaragua Churchill Cigar Review

Up for review, this go-around is the Baccarat Nicaragua Churchill cigar, a line-extension to the enormously popular Baccarat brand that’s made in the Dominican Republic by the Davidoff Company.  If you’ve never tried, or even heard of the original Baccarat cigar, it’s a classic Honduran cigar line made famous for its mellow flavor and signature sweetened cap.

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork for this classic brand, let’s find out how this Dominican version stacks up to its Honduran cousin in strength, flavor, consistency, and quality.

To start with this Baccarat cigar review, the Baccarat Nicaragua Churchill is a beauty to behold dressed in its seamless milk chocolate-colored Cuban-seed Habano wrapper. The cigar feels firm in the hand with no soft spots or divots detected, and a pre-light nose of barnyard hay, and slightly musty cedar, denotes perfect aging. While taking my first cold draw, a sugary sweetness on my tongue let me know that the brand’s signature sweet gum cap has made the journey to the Dominican Republic.

The flame engulfs the foot of the cigar quickly and evenly. Then, as this big 7 x 50-ring blend of Nicaraguan fillers and a Sumatra binder warms up, it’s a two-note affair with dominant flavors of black pepper and sweet spice. The predominantly white ash with specs of gray is holding very firmly and looks like the perfect candidate for one of those silly long ash competitions. Even at this early stage, and just for kicks, I’m taking care not to let this ever-growing ash fall into the ashtray.

As I progress through the mid-point, with another new firm ash forming, my Baccarat Nicaragua Churchill is still producing a good amount of black pepper, but sweet spice has become the dominant flavor. In addition, nearly 30 minutes have elapsed, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the cigar’s exceptionally slow burn and nice effortless draw. While taking time out from puffing to soothe the senses with a fragrant sweet tobacco room note, I’m detecting a peppery after taste on the palate.

The final third has arrived and I’m happy to say that nuances of roasted nuts, and cocoa have joined the fray to add much-needed complexity to the overall experience. Once again, I’m letting the ash continually grow to amuse myself, and the strength has remained medium-bodied throughout.

Baccarat Nicaragua

I reach the end of the cigar with multi-layered notes of roasted nuts, cocoa, black pepper, and sweet spice firing on all cylinders. My only regret (and it’s a small one), is that I wished that these intricate tasting notes all made their presence earlier in the smoke.  Nonetheless, It was a very flavorful cigar from beginning to end with no touch up required. Frequent touch-ups can cause a cigar to become harsh or bitter, but thankfully this stick passed that test with flying colors— A true testimony to Baccarat’s highly skilled cigar rollers.

For those of you who wondering about the overall construction, this 60-minute smoke performed like a champ right down to the nub.

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Final Thoughts

  • The extremely smooth medium-bodied profile makes it the perfect morning to mid-day smoke, and one that can be enjoyed newcomers and well-seasoned cigar enthusiasts alike.
  • Like its Honduran counterparts, Baccarat Nicaragua cigars also boast a very affordable price.
  • Featuring the brand’s hallmark sweetened cap, this Dominican line extension will appeal to every Baccarat cigar fan along with anyone else that enjoys a little dash of sweetness from their handmade premium cigars.
  • Top-notch construction, great taste, and a crisp slow burn makes it a luxury class cigar that far exceeds its modest price point. This should come as no surprise from a cigar that’s produced by Davidoff!


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