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Since 1871, some of the most aromatic and mellow smokes have come from Baccarat. The company was built on the belief that a value-priced cigar shouldn’t skimp on flavor, and the Baccarat Repeater cigar maintains that sentiment exactly.

Crafted from a delicious blend of Honduran long-leaf fillers, a Mexican binder and a gorgeous Honduran wrapper, the Repeater is flawlessly constructed. Dominated by a mellow tobacco flavor, the taste profile is complemented by the signature sweet gum cap, which is a staple on most Baccarat cigars. A smooth draw and burn, coupled with the delicious flavors, make this Honduran beauty an extremely pleasurable smoking experience whether you light up in morning or at night.

With its mellow flavor, Baccarat Repeater cigars are an excellent option for those seeking an everyday cigar. See for yourself why it has been one of JR Cigars’ best-selling mixed-filler cigars for decades.
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