3.2 15
Churchill I buy these cigars for a friend. Personally I prefer a little more full bodied cigar myself. However I have smoked many Repeaters and I find them to be of good quality and one of the better cigars in that price range. They don't finish especially well but hey it's a $2 cigar but my friend smokes them down as short as he can hold them. Bottom line is that it is a good smoke good value and I have never experienced any problems. I usually plug mine as opposed to cutting which can damage even the most expensive cigar if you don't use a quality double bladed cutter and do it properly. Needs to be a fast cut not slowly made. 4 5 1
Churchill They taste okay for an inexpensive cigar. The construction is pitiful. It didn't mater if I used Scissors guillotine or punch 3 out of 4 cigars unraveled before I smoke a third of it. 2 5 1
Churchill Construction problems 1/4” roll hole in most top to bottom. 2 5 1
Churchill I am new to cigar smoking. At 76 I thought I would give it a try. RJ has sent me lots to try. This is my favorite. 5 5 1
Churchill Good smoke starts off real smooth tapers off a little at the end great smoke for the price 4 5 1
Churchill Light on the cap. Seemed so far to burn uneven. A lot of loose tobacco. 3 5 1
Churchill I must say, I was worried to try these based on other reviews. However, I’m glad I did! More mellow to medium then its famous cousin with a better draw, I will definitely add this to my regular rotation. Price is right too, and if you can get them on auction even better! 4 5 1
Churchill JR Cigars provides wonderful cigars at good prices. However; if you enjoy a good cigar do not buy the Repeaters. You get what you pay for. 2 5 1
Churchill I have always ordered the 7 x 44 Havana Twist for my wife and have always been happy with them. The Churchill not so much. An inch into it and the entire cigar goes to mush. We have smoked seven of the twenty five and everyone of them has been frustrating to smoke I have thrown the rest in the trash these are the worst cigars I have bought from JR in twenty years. We will stick with Consuegra Maduro as our day to day smoke. 1 5 1
Churchill I buy these for an older man who has been a friend for years. He enjoys them. A good little cigar for the price although I tend to smoke a higher end cigar myself. It's a good value. 4 5 1
Churchill Everyone seems to have a little trouble with this smoke coming apart. Out of all that I have smoke only one did. I smoked it to fast like a daily cigar. I do not cut the end I take of the little tail with my finger and do the 3 match light and it burns nice all around and it does not fall apart. It is a lose packed cigar so you have to smoke it like that. 5 5 1
Churchill Not impressed. These cigars burned uneven. Only one side burned. Wasted my money on these cigars. I normally smoke baccarat petit corona which are 100 percent better 2 5 1
Churchill Baccarat is one of my go to cigars. I luckily found the Repeaters about a year ago. They are very good cigars. Great price, great flavor. I have smoked more than a hundred of these cigars and I have never had one fall apart on me. If you have, check your humidor. I smoke much more expensive cigars that have burned inconsistently. Repeaters are no different. Every cigar, regardless of cost, even from the same box, will burn differently and have it's own character. I find the quality is consistent, I rarely have one that must be tossed due to poor draw. It will continue to be a part of my humidor 4 5 1
Churchill I have to take back my previous review. The cigars of the last two orders have a very difficult draw. The construction is inconsistent. Very disappointing. 1 5 1
Churchill Good draw,seldom goes out,excellent taste and quality. 5 5 1

Baccarat Repeater

Churchill 7 × 50 BCRC

The perfect everyday cigar for the mellow smoker. The Repeater Churchill offers a long even burn, a perfect draw and some delicious flavors. Its aged Honduran filler makes it mellow and smooth, while its dark EMS wrapper adds a touch of rich bold flavor. If you want something light and tasty, this cigar is definitely the one for you. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25.
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Mellow - Medium


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