3.21875 32
200 Not a bad cigar for the money. Burned evenly and had a good draw. I had no problem with them unraveling. I'll be buying more. 4 5 1
200 the repeater 200 was not to bad nice mellow stick with a lil punch at the emd will say getting more 4 5 1
200 Nice draw and nice mild flavor. A bit thin for my taste but not bad. Its a very decent cigar for the money 4 5 1
200 Awesome cigar. Nice flavor. Easy to cut easy to light I can't explain how good this cigar tastes. Tastes awesome! Bought a 5 pack of these and fell in love. If you want a good cigar to smoke with your friends this is the one. 3 5 1
200 I enjoyed this smoke Bice mild tasting cigar. Good for anytime of day good every day smoke. Also the price is right. 3 5 1
200 A good cigar... Excellent smooth draw with rich creamy flavors leaving a slightly nutty aftertaste Would recommend to anyone. 4 5 1
200 Not too bad of a smoke here. The flavor isn't bad but the consistency leaves something to be desired. Went out a lot during the smoke. 3 5 1
200 I got a couple of these in my humidor from sampler I've smoked about three and I was highly impressed 4 5 1
200 Pretty good cigar. Has a lot of flavor and is very smooth. Not sure if I would buy a box but I wouldn't mind having g a few. 3 5 1
200 I have enjoyed this cigar for years now and am still happy with the flavor. However lately the consistency has dropped and become a bit disappointing. They need to add a little quality control to the product. 3 5 1
200 Poorly made No flavor. If you would like to try the worst cigar you ever smoked these are for you. You get what you pay for. 1 5 1
200 It is said that if we learn from our mistakes, we are not likely to repeat them. I wont make this mistake again. 1 5 1
200 I guess once again ,I got what I paid for! Tast was definitely not on with the description! 2 5 1
200 This cigar should not even be on the market! Bad flavor, pour Draw!!!! 2 5 1
200 Good buy 4 5 1
200 Way to soft roll like smoking a sponge after about half the stick gets to hot 2 5 1
200 Fell apart shipped dried out wrapper peeled away. 2 5 1
200 Smokes a bit hot for me. I prefer the Churchill. But a decent cigar. Full of flavor while staying mild. The darker wrapper keeps the flavors alive. I prefer the baccarat king natural. 3 5 1
200 Not a bad smoke medium flavor. Good construction and consistency. Long burn time . Very well made I have smoked a few of these with friends and everyone seems to like them. 3 5 1
200 Sitting outside on the porch at midnight is when I smoked this cigar for the first time. Medium bodied and awesome. 3 5 1
200 Super flavorful stick with a nice burn. Draw was a tab bit too tight for me but still was very enjoyable for me. 4 5 1
200 Smooth draw before lighting with a floral taste. After lighting it really comes alive with sweet and spicy 3 5 1
200 Very good value. I smoke them in a holder because construction is only so-so. Baccarats are worth the extra money though. 3 5 1
200 I love chrchjlls and this was a decent one. Nice toothy oil slick wrapper. Nice smoke production. Gets pretty sting int he last third. 3 5 1
200 I think they called this the repeater because it tastes the same puff after puff there aren't any real big pronounce transitions which is what I prefer 3 5 1
200 Baccarat Repeater is a cigar of substance and class. For the risk taker in all of us. Delish from the beginning of the day. Enjoy any time..anywhere even a hospital 5 5 1
200 Great daily go to smoke for 15+ years. Friends are surprised when I share Repeaters and tell them about the bargain pricing. Thanks JR for offering discounts from time to time as I load up. 5 5 1
200 Nice bite. Very good, inexpensive everyday smoke. 4 5 1
200 i have bought these many times and never have I been disappointed. 5 5 1
200 Just bought a box lit one up could not draw any smoke tried until it fell apart 1 5 1
200 my first impression of this cigar was not good, but i did not follow my own advise and i did a repeat on the repeater .. glad i did.. the first cigar out of tyhe box was a dissapiontment but . the rest seem fine. pretty good actually. 4 5 1
200 I will continue to buy these I love them 5 5 1

Baccarat Repeater

200 6 × 43 BC200

One of the best valued cigars on the market, this Lonsdale will always have you coming back for more. It uses a special mix of vintage Honduran tobaccos, an aged Mexican binder, and a dark and oily Honduran EMS leaf. It is mellow, yet bold and rich. It’s a flavor machine, and for the price, a fantastic addition to your humidor. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25.
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