3.0 10
Havana Twist They have a nice flavor. They sometimes burn unevenly but at $1.80 a cigar I’m not complaining. 4 4 1
Havana Twist I've switched back to Repeaters since Casa de Garcia Red has been discontinued. I liked these because of the light sweetness of the cigar however my last bundle did not have the slight sweetness that I buy them for. Disappointing I'll give them another try before moving on. 3 4 1
Havana Twist it has surpassed my expectations! They last a long time. Very constant burn. I will get some more. 4 4 1
Havana Twist Horrible cigar. Agree with others that they do not burn even. All I did when trying to enjoy the cigar was to spit out the small pieces of tobacco that came out of the cigar and into my mouth. Tried the cigar as it was supposedly a "Baccarat" brand but, completely disappointed and will NEVER buy this brand again. Stay away from this brand...NOT JR Cigar material!!! 1 4 1
Havana Twist Baccarat should be embarrassed. Not even worth $1.50 at auction 3 4 1
Havana Twist Tried them for the brand and price. I was disappointed. They are too strong compared to the No. 1 Baccarat which is my favorite cigar but has gone up in price. I also found that they do not burn well often up one side. I would not buy again. 2 4 1
Havana Twist These are not bad, but they are not as good as I remember. The burn is not always even. Yesterday it went out a number of times. This batch also seems to be a little dry and keeping them my humidor doesn't seem to help them. I am a long time cigar smoker so I only give this batch 3 stars. They also seem to break up too. I don't think I will buy them any more. 3 4 1
Havana Twist Nice smoke. My affordable every day go to smoke. 4 4 1
Havana Twist Nice size, nice draw and taste is average 3 4 1
Havana Twist Good every day cigar. Burns a bit fast. 3 4 1

Baccarat Repeater

Havana Twist 7 × 44 BCHT

Crafted in true Cuban fashion, the Havana twist is a flavorful treat. Made by the expert torcedors in the Camacho factory, the quality of this affordable cigar is outstanding. Smooth and creamy, it utilizes a mix of aged Honduran long filler tobaccos. A light Honduran wrapper is added along with a little pigtail, paying homage to the Cuban brand it is derived from. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25.
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Mellow - Medium


Cedar Chest of 25

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