Baccarat Barber Pole Cigar Review

August 31, 2021

Baccarat Barber Pole

Being a Honduran brand that’s loved by many, the Baccarat Barber Pole is solely exclusive to JR Cigars, which is the companies first time ever exploring this endeavor.

The name “barber-pole” may be obvious to the seasoned cigar smoker. Yet, the novice smoker may feel otherwise. “Barber Pole” cigars usually means it utilizes two different wrappers on the same cigar. That’s what makes this sweetened capped gem so delicious!

Cloaked in a Connecticut Shade, as well as a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, the Baccarat Barber Pole features other vintage cigars throughout this premium smoke. With binder tobaccos from Mexico and filler tobaccos that hail from Honduras, this medium-bodied smoke oozes with delicious flavor notes throughout.

Some delicious flavor notes you’ll detect while smoking the Baccarat Barber Pole are leather, chocolate, cream, and a hint of hazelnut on the backend. A delicious cup of cappuccino would pair marvelously alongside this prime cigar.

Available in one, 5 x 50 size, the Baccarat Barber Pole Rothchild comes in this eye-catching box of 25. If you order an affordable box of the Baccarat Barber Pole, you’re bound to uncover the most enthralling blend Baccarat has ever created!

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