Baccarat Barber Pole Cigar Review

August 31, 2021

Baccarat Barber Pole

Baccarat is a classic Honduran brand that is famous for providing a smooth smoking experience at an affordable price. Pleasing aficionados for years, Baccarat’s signature calling card is the sweetening of the cap to provide a unique smoking experience. But now, Baccarat is showing off its blending prowess with Baccarat Barber Pole.

Over its classic core of expertly aged Honduran long fillers lies a zesty Mexican binder with two top-quality wrappers winding up the length of the cigars. Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers contrast against one another to create the iconic barber-pole aesthetic, and each leaf offers its own nuances to the flavor profile.

I have never actually had a barber-pole-style cigar before, so covering this JR exclusive is an exciting review for me. Let’s take a deep dive into the Baccarat Barber Pole and my experience with this eye-catching new blend.

Cigar Specs

Country of Origin: Honduras

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade / Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Mexico

Filler: Honduras

Strength:  Medium

Sizes Available:

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Cold Draw Impressions

Looking at the cigar, I can’t help but admire the craftsmanship and skill it takes to roll two wrappers around the body, let alone the symmetry and seamless application. The darker wrapper has a shimmering sheen to it, while the lighter is matte but smooth to the touch.

The cigar is densely packed and offers little give when squeezed, and the foot has aromas of leather and roasted nuts. The wrappers give a more delicate and subtle aroma, but I can identify some creaminess, chocolate, and sweetness.

I clip the cap with a straight cutter and go in for some cold draws, immediately noticing the sweetness on my lips from the sweetened cap, which complements smooth flavors of leather, earth, cream, and tobacco sweetness. The draw is also flawless, offering the perfect amount of resistance.

First Third Impressions

The first few puffs deliver an earthy, sweet, and peppery profile out the gate, and I was a tad surprised at the richness of the pepper. However, the spice backed off after the first couple of puffs to make way for a tapestry of baking spices, leather, earth, cream, roasted nuts, and tobacco sweetness.

With retrohales, the pepper is surprisingly absent, allowing for deeper layers of flavor. Creaminess comes to the forefront with support from baking spices, roasted nuts, and earth.

The draw and smoke production are also top-notch. The draw is perfect, neither too open nor too tight, and each puff delivers a mouthful of smoke. also It terms of the ash, it holds on well through the first inch and a half. Speaking of the burn, it started out a little wonky but soon corrected itself as the smoke progressed — a sign of the well-constructed interior of Honduran tobaccos.

Second Third Impressions

Crossing into the second third, the creaminess still reigns supreme, but baking spices and leather are taking more of a primary role in the profile. Bittersweet chocolate is also starting to make an appearance, joining earth, roasted nuts, and an underlying sweetness. The body has markedly increased, going from a touch bolder than mellow-medium bodied in the first third to a solid medium body in the second.

There‘s a noticeable increase in pepper, becoming more apparent during retrohales but not overtaking the creamy leather that makes them so pleasant. The pepper does, however, provide a twinge of a tickle to my sinuses, adding to the complexity.

As the burn approaches the halfway point, it becomes a little unruly and a touch-up is necessary to keep it on-track. However, this does little to distract from the deliciously rich flavors the dueling wrappers provide. The ash also continues to hold on tightly, with me intentionally knocking off the grayish-white ash every inch and a half or so.

Final Third Impressions

Getting into the final third, the pepper, chocolate, and baking spices continue to build, moving creaminess into the realm of secondary flavors. However, the cream leads the rest of the secondary flavors of roasted nuts, earth, leather, and tobacco sweetness. At this point in the smoke, any sweetness I enjoy is coming straight from the tobaccos, as the sweetness in the cap has all but dissipated.

Retrohales are much like the second third, with creamy leather leading over hints of pepper and sweetness. The body is still firmly in the medium range and, aside from the one correction in the second third, the construction has been fantastic. With just over an inch left to the nub, I take my final puffs and put the cigar to rest.

Pairing Options

I always write my cigar reviews with a glass of water, but a scotch whiskey or a spiced rum would make an excellent pairing with the smooth, medium-bodied flavors of the Baccarat Barber Pole. I imagine it would also pair well with a flavorful white wine that could stand up to the richer flavors of this cigar. A cup of coffee would also help bring out the darker, chocolatier notes.

Final Thoughts

As the first barber pole cigar I have had, I was not sure what to expect, but I can say I greatly enjoyed this unique and eye-catching blend. Many blends feature either a Connecticut Shade or a Connecticut Broadleaf, but the Baccarat Barber Pole combines the both with a tapestry of flavors that neither overwhelms my palate nor sinuses.

I would recommend every aficionado give the Baccarat Barber Pole a try. Along with its deliciously rich flavors, it comes at an exceptionally affordable price that can fit into any budget. The Baccarat Barber Pole is proof that classic and traditional flavors can be revitalized and made interesting for a modern palate. Don’t just take my word for it — give them a try yourself by getting them only from JR Cigar.


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