3.3529411764705883 17
Casa Grande #18 Smoked some of these a while back..did not do it for me..not much flavor..not consistent..very disappointed.. 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 this was not bad i want to try in other sizes this size was nice but robusto prob would be better 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 This is part of my regular ratation. I smoke these when I am writing papers for grad school. The burn is usually very consistent and are very friendly when I need to re-light. I used to prefer the Connie 73's but this size has been more consistent of late. 4 5 1
Casa Grande #18 Didn't really enjoy this cigar too much. I think it was too newly rolled and that's why I got the grassy notes 2 5 1
Casa Grande #18 Everyone should have some of these in their humidor. Excellent cigar for the price. Can't be beat for a knock around cigar with some flavor 4 5 1
Casa Grande #18 this is a pretty middle of the road cigar I don't really see why anyone cares if it's Cuban seed tobacco where it is raised seems to make a much bigger difference 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 Enjoyed this cigar with friends at Super Bowl party I picked this one out of the stack never had this cigar 4 5 1
Casa Grande #18 I love this guy with a Maduro wrapper hints of pepper and spice but not overkill I can smoke two to three a day and find them enjoyable. Overall a good daily cigar. 4 5 1
Casa Grande #18 It's a factory second I do believe. Good construction and draw the length made it heat up but great flavor and affordable bundle. 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 Casablanca Grande 18 is supposed to be a premium overrun but doesn't smoke like one It's fine for the price but that's it 4 5 1
Casa Grande #18 The #18 ain't half bad the flavor wasn't quite there but it was well worth the money great construction and an even burn 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 Wasn't a fan of this cigar. Didn't find them built well and have a great taste. Aroma was a bit off and didn't really enjoy this smoke 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 If you were hard up and/or on a desert island and really needed a cigar you'd be really happy to have one of these otherwise you'd be better off smoking most anything else. 2 5 1
Casa Grande #18 This cigar I bought just for a yard cigar one who h I could care less if it got broken or ruined soon I stRted smoking them when I was just to have a cigar and relax. Its great Nd you can't geT the price 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 Decently well constructed for a budget cigar. The flavor of mostly nuts is pretty flat. Good yard cigar. 3 5 1
Casa Grande #18 Smooth, with an even burn through the whole smoke. 5 5 1
Casa Grande #18 They're ok 4 5 1


Casa Grande #18 7.25 × 46 CG18

For well over 25 years, Consuegra Casa Grande #18 cigars have been offering everyday smokers a lot of bang for their buck! These “Connies” as they are commonly called by their longtime fan base are either seconds or overruns of big-name Honduran cigars such as Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch, El Rey del Mundo, JR Ultimate’s and Excalibur. The blend consists of aged Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers covered by a Honduran wrapper. They may have wrappers that are slightly off color, or slightly off their intended size, but quite honestly these imperfections hardly affect their delicious earthy, spicy, and nutty, “Cubanesque” medium to full bodied taste. Don’t miss out on a legendary value priced smoke and order your Consuegra Casa Grande #18 cigars from yours truly today.

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