3.9 20
Governor #16 What was once a great smoke is now terrible Back in the day these were just as advertised now to sum it up...... Terrible Draw Terrible Construction Terrible Flavor Terrible Consistency Ter 1 5 1
Governor #16 My new go to cigar. Good draw consistent great taste and best of all the price is right 5 5 1
Governor #16 BEST BUY 4 5 1
Governor #16 Very good cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Governor #16 What can I say about this go to every day cigar? Been smoking these Hoyo seconds for years. Great medium smoke for less than half the cost of the Hoyo. Always pass one of these to novice smokers to enjoy. 4 5 1
Governor #16 You can't beat the Consuegra bundes. Awesome cigars and at this price? Wow! I turned a couple of friends on to them and if I offer them a more expensive smoke they opt for the Consuegra. 4 5 1
Governor #16 These reviews are old. I ordered a bundle about 4 or 5 months ago in 2016 and they are horrible. No taste bad construction. Simply put DO NOT BUY THESE STICKS! Thanks. 1 5 1
Governor #16 Excellent deal. They come to me often. Good wrapper. White/gray ash. Close to a Montecristo. good flavor. 4 5 1
Governor #16 Great cigar for the price. These cigars are made by the same manufacturer as Hoyo De Monterey and Punch cigars. Great taste and aroma. 4 5 1
Governor #16 I don't usually smoke this size but you were sold out of my usual! I've been smoking Consuegra for years! 5 5 1
Governor #16 I have purchased these for several years and they’re hard to beat for the price. Great golf course cigar - it lasts the entire back nine. I’m no cigar aficionado, but they work for me. 4 5 1
Governor #16 I usually order the double corona #25. You were however out of this cigar so I ordered the governor.This is a great brand of cigars.Keep it! 4 5 1
Governor #16 I know we all have different tastes, however, the flavor of this stick has me wanting more and more. My own tastes lay along the Nicaraguan soil, but the mixture of the Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan blends, seem to be the best of all worlds outside of Cuba. This is one that will always be in my humidor. 5 5 1
Governor #16 very pleased with purchase good consistency and construction/no rough pieces a good smoke/I'm enjoying these 5 5 1
Governor #16 Construction is good burn is even Taste very mild. A nice cigar 4 5 1
Governor #16 Great cigar, out of a bundle, there might be two or three that aren't perfect. The flavor is still one of my favorites. The EMS wrapper just makes this thing smokable every day. Beautiful construction. Easy draw. 4 5 1
Governor #16 Very good cigar for the money. 4 5 1
Governor #16 Not close to the CG16 that I used to buy. 3 5 1
Governor #16 Consistently good cigar. Good burn and draw, tasty too. 4 5 1


Governor #16 6.12 × 50 CG16

This Toro-sized smoke is a bundled bargain! A high quality factory overrun, this is an affordable version of some of the best Honduran cigars such as Punch and Excalibur. It’s a medium-full bodied with a rustic and zesty EMS wrapper. A great cigar at any cost, but at this price, this bundle of 25 is a must-have.
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Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Bundle of 25

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