3.9814814814814814 54
Sultan #14 I agree with Adventure into the Unknown. I ordered 4 bundles last month and at least one third of them were wrapped to tight and the draw was terrible. 2 5 1
Sultan #14 I've been smoking these for a long time now and early on the quality was hit and miss. From the tobacco used to the rolling no consistency at all. True the price has gone up but the quality has gone way up. I haven't had to throw away a plugged stick in a long time. Keep them coming! 4 5 1
Sultan #14 My last review of the Sultan cigar was in September 2015. Since then I have enjoyed another 10 boxes of these GREAT sticks. Hardly ever a bad one in each lot. Always beautifully wrapped a taste I enjoy 90%+ even burn and an easy draw. A wonderful one-hour+ man time: just me and the Sultan. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Back on 07/10/17 I posted a review of these cigars. I've missed having this cigar in my humidor so I decided to order them again in hopes that they would be as good as they always used to be. I'm happy to report that the 4-5 I've smoked out of this bundle have been very good. MUCH more like what I had always come to expect from this brand. That bad bundle I had last time must have been an anomaly because these are very well constructed flavorful and just a great bargain for the price. Consuegras are back and I couldn't be more pleased. Give these a try and I'll bet you will also be impressed at how good these are for a two dollar stogie. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Great value cigar. Too many send me offers to subscribe for a $5 discount but I never get the coupon 3 5 1
Sultan #14 Great burn flavor and draw at a can't-be-beat price. Best bundle cigar you'll ever find. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 BEST of the cheaper priced cigars. Rich smoke always a pleasure and great if you smoke frequently and don't want to go into bankruptcy. You don't need a special occasion to enjoy this one. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 I forgot how much I love this brand. Always love the wrapper the feel in my fingers. Hard to believe these didn't make the cut for the premium brand. Love the flavor this cigar brings. burns well down to nub. Definitely buy this cigar. If you love great cigars without the premium price 5 5 1
Sultan #14 The Consuegra is a second of.... great value. I have been smoking them for years. Maduro!! 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Great smoke! Burns evenly and must be smoked when you have time. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Great Cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 I have been smoking this cigar for many years. This is my choice above all others, except Bolivars. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 inconsistant draw throughout each bundle, sometime requiring to cut the cigar in half or throw it away. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Me like 👍 4 5 1
Sultan #14 I buy this cigar for its consistency! 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Good cigar, smokes well, occasionally the construction does not match the smoke. The score should be 41/2 stars. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 I have smoked these cigars for 10 years.Great smoke for the money. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 For the price it's ok main issue is having to light them often and canoeing effect. Not all of course but too many in the bundle! It's time to move on with this cigar. 3 5 1
Sultan #14 I've been smoking these for a long time now and early on the quality was hit and miss. From the tobacco used to the rolling no consistency at all. True the price has gone up but the quality has gone way up. I haven't had to throw away a plugged stick in a long time. Keep them coming! 4 5 1
Sultan #14 The Sultan #14 has been my everyday smoke for years. I have literally smoked thousands of these cigars (was afraid to do the math) because they are a good value and I have kids to feed I keep a small eye wash bottle filed with water on my truck console and drop a few drops on the cigar when it starts this happens often. Beside the uneven burn once in a while I really enjoy them. I smoke them on the Harley too. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 I've bought about 10-12 bundles of these over the years and they have usually been an excellent value. The downside to these has always been the consistency. In each bundle I could expect to get several that were amazingly good for the money several that were downright bad and about half that were good but not great. The last bundle I ordered however has been made up almost completely of lousy cigars. I have about 5 left and can only think of one or two that have been even passingly OK. The rest - garbage. Lots of very tight draws and poor flavor. It's a shame too because they used to be a staple in my humidor. I think I'm going to hold off on ordering any for a while. 1 5 1
Sultan #14 For an every day smoke the Consuegra Sultan #14 is ideal. Cost is fair. Draw is consistent. And flavor is even throughout the length. 3 5 1
Sultan #14 Many cigars won't burn. It takes a lot of effort to smoke one. 2 5 1
Sultan #14 This is an excellent cigar! Much better in my opinion than MANY of the premium brands and for less that half the cost. Great maduro wrapper oily feel strong on flavor. Maybe my go to cigar now. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Even burn good flavor. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Strong flavor ok for proper time not a everyday cigar 3 5 1
Sultan #14 I have joyfully smoked 4 bundles of these Gems. Need I say more?!! 5 5 1
Sultan #14 This twin to the EMS is a really great cigar for the price. Nice draw and taste. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Don't get me started!!!! Guy's and girls this cigar is a home run out of the park. A great price a great taste an awesome deal. I have smoked these cigars for years in the maduro very tasty love them. Sweet notes of spice!! This cigar will beat the dealer every time because it's use getting the deal.. P'S. Only found at JR cigars. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Good cigar for price. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Been smoking this brand for many years. They never disappoint as a great tasting everyday cigar. Not sure why I always try other labels but always come back to this smoke. Great value and great tastes. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Good smoke for the price, lots of flavor! Like with most cigars every so often you get one that is not made well. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 OK 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Dry, bland flavor, loosely wrapped, hard to keep lit. 1 5 1
Sultan #14 Not happy at all 2 times I have ordered these Cigars and both times the quality was just not there 1 5 1
Sultan #14 Perfect for smoking in your shop. When set down to do work it goes out. 3 5 1
Sultan #14 Do a blind taste test with a Hoyo de Monterrey and one of these and pick out the factory original verses this cigar 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Very good cigar for the price. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 the negative that I would say about it is its construction. If you set the cigar down it goes out. It will not hold its cherry. The flavor is medium, the size is excellent. 3 5 1
Sultan #14 These have been my morning cigar for about a year and a half now and I'm very happy with them. The quality, flavor, construction and burn are usually very good. The price keeps increasing and will soon be too high to be my morning go to cigar but beyond that I'm satisfied with them. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Smoked these for many years and never had any issues. Best cigar for the price when discounted. Too bad JR keeps raising the price$$ 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Double checked to make sure I hadn't reviewed this already. Looked at the reviews that were here. This is a really outstanding cigar I bought the package of 25, so the five extra cigars and the bundle is a little bit of a bonus, and found that these cigars were really outstanding. Burned right down without any issues of having to relight it because the rapper wasn't burning at the same rate as the filler. Smoked it nearly down to the last inch. Could not recommend it more highly 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Great cigar 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Solid smoke. Best bang for the buck. Sometimes has issues with draw and channeling at the beginning and unraveling at the end of a smoke. But if you like a long smoke for a good price, this is it. 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Some sticks are ok but many burn quite uneven. I like the flavor and have been smoking them for years. 3 5 1
Sultan #14 - 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Have smoked these more than once and have always liked the flavor and burn, but you keep jacking the price up. I used to pay in the 50's for bundle of 14 sultans, now you're in the 70's. Pretty soon the reject cigars are going to be too expensive. There's a saturation point for everything. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Falls apart while you’re smoking! First few puffs please pretty good but then you become more concerned about the ashes falling and the rapper falling in your lap. 2 5 1
Sultan #14 Great mild to mellow smoke. Give your palate a break from your spicy, strong selections and try a Curly. Well constructed, great draw, slow burn, stays lit, super nutty creamy flavor. A must try. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Good everyday smoke. smooth. Price keeps going up, but so is the price of everything! 4 5 1
Sultan #14 Great price for a good smoke. 5 5 1
Sultan #14 great smoke for a good price 5 5 1
Sultan #14 Very smooth cigar for relaxing after a fine meal!! The price is great for 25 cigars!!! 5 5 1


Sultan #14 7.25 × 54 CG143

If you love the long burning, flavorful Hoyo De Monterrey Sultan, this Consuegra is the cigar for you. A factory overrun, packaged in a bundle of 25, it has the same high quality and premium tobaccos as its compatriot, but at a huge discount. Wrapped in a Honduran Maduro leaf, it is bold, rich, and almost too good to be true.
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